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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Imran Khan the ninth most followed leader on Twitter: records rise in popularity

A heartfelt concern for the helpless and weak masses guided the policies of Imran Khan in the fight against COVID-19. Imran Khan resisted abrupt actions that would severely damage the working class.

The recent popularity study shows Prime Minister Imran Khan has become the ninth most followed world leader on microblogging site Twitter. A study by Twiplomacy revealed the date on Tuesday. The data shows a growth of 22% in the following of PM Khan on Twitter

A surge in the incumbent PM’s popularity

Hence, the expansion in the following of Imran Khan on Twitter marks a surge in his popularity. But does it also implies for the success of his policies in the fight against COVID-19?

Meanwhile, the study also shows Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi is the second most followed foreign minister across the world. Shah Mehmood Qureshi registered a 23% growth in his followers on Twitter that has now reached up to 3.1 million.

Communication agency, Burson Cohn and Wolfe Worldwide conducted the study. The study analyzed the activity of world leaders during the pandemic coronavirus. It reviews the tweets from their accounts during the coronavirus, their followers, content, reaches, and other factors. 

Popularity of world leaders as per Twitter stats

The study concluded US President Donald Trump the most followed world leader on Twitter. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ranked second in the list. Meanwhile, Pope Francis landed on the third spot.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was ranked seventh in the list with 17% growth in the following. Turkish President Erdogan now records 16.1 million followers on Twitter.



However, in terms of effectiveness it was Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz bagged the second spot with 23,573 retweets on average. Erdogan ranked fifth in the list of effectiveness-he recorded 4,879 retweets on average.

Within the terms of reach, PM Khan landed on the fourth spot. His tweets reached 68% of 12.1 million followers on average.

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Trump was in second place at 20.3 million people or 25% of his 83.8 million followers, while Erdogan’s was on eighth at 5.2 million people or 33% of his 16.4 million followers.

Imran Khan fights against COVID-19

A heartfelt concern for the helpless and weak masses guided the policies of Imran Khan in the fight against COVID-19. Imran Khan resisted abrupt actions that would severely damage the working class.

PM Khan stressed strategies that would mitigate the inevitable impact on the economy of Pakistan as much as possible.

There has been a disputed reaction from people on the way Prime Minister Imran Khan has dealt with the pandemic. People advocating for an aggressive approach against coronavirus called for a lockdown or curfew across Pakistan. This group expressed a lack of confidence in the government’s decision to impose smart lockdown in selected areas.

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But, with the concerns of masses at the heart, PM Imran Khan resisted calls for aggressive and stern measures. In several televised press conferences and meetings with journalists, PM Khan repeatedly expressed his fears of hurting the impoverished section of society immeasurably in the course of fighting COVID-19 in Pakistan. He stood firmly on his ground to not to impose extreme measures like countrywide curfew to end the pandemic.

PM Khan took a leading role in an unprecedented fight against pandemic coronavirus.  Prime Minister Imran Khan stressed to provide maximum support to the vulnerable lower-income groups.

Measures taken for the relief of masses

Prime minister Imran Khan stated that State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) had decided to provide cheap loans to the industries that would not be laying off their employees. In a televised address to the nation, the prime minister said that fund’s account would be open on Tuesday in a National Bank of Pakistan branch and the depositors would not be asked any questions.

In his previous address, Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced the allocation of Rupees 200 billion for labor class. The funding would help laborers in the wake of this crisis.

Imran Khan apprised the public of his concerns regarding the possibility of a curfew. He said that European countries can afford a curfew but a third world country like Pakistan where the poor class comprises of daily wagers cannot survive a nation-wide lockdown.

He stated that most of the decisions in our state are made according to the feasibility of the elite class. It is to be considered how the food will be supplied to the underprivileged class, or the supplies to the hospital and the effect of the suspension of transport services while enacting these lockdowns.

Khan also announced Rupees 100 billion worth of tax refunds, a sum of Rs.100 billion for the small and medium industries, Rs.50 billion for utility stores, Rs.50 billion for purchase of required medical equipment, and an amount of Rs.150 Billion is reserved for low-income families.