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Monday, April 15, 2024

Imran Khan to expel 20 lawmakers from PTI

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Imran Khan, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), said on Wednesday that his party has decided to take action against 20 lawmakers for “participating in horse trading” during the recent Senate Elections.

PTI chief has, however, mentioned that the accused have a chance to explain their position before their names are forwarded to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). He also said that expelling those who do not care about the sanctity of the vote is a way to establish genuine democracy in Pakistan. He also wondered that if other political parties will follow the step.

The names of the PTI lawmakers who are suspected by the party leadership of “selling their votes” include:


  • Deena Naaz
  • Nargis Ali
  • Nagina Khan
  • Sardar Idrees
  • Obaid Mayar
  • Zahid Durrani
  • FouziaBibi
  • Naseem Hayat
  • Qurban Khan
  • Arif Yousaf
  • Amjid Afridi
  • Abdul Haq
  • Javed Naseem
  • Yasin Khalil
  • Faisal Zaman
  • Sami Alizayi

Joining from QWP

  • MerajHamayun

Awami Jamhoori Ittehad

  • Khatoon Bibi
  • Babar Saleem

Joining from PML-N

  • Wajihuz Zaman

He also said that horse-trading is not new to Pakistan. It has been an integral part of Pakistan politics, alleged PTI chief.”This is not the first time lawmakers have taken part in horse trading,” Khan said. “This has been happening for the past 30 or 40 years.”

Imran Khan further informed the nation that the accused lawmakers had received as much as Rs40 million each. He praised other members of his party who “resisted the temptation” to take large sums of money offered to them by other parties.

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PTI lawmakers voted for PPP candidates?

At least 17 PTI lawmakers allegedly took money and voted for the PPP candidates in senate election. Two PPP candidates managed to get seats in senate despite having only seven Members of the Provincial Assembly.

An initial investigation into the matter of alleged horse-trading ordered by the KPK Chief Minister Pervez Khattak revealed that at least there were 17 members who sold out their votes. Later on PTI chief took the matter seriously ordered a detailed probe into the alleged horse-trading to bring out the involved lawmakers and ‘throw them out of PTI’.

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Political analysts praise Imran Khan:

Imran Khan’s decision to expel lawmakers allegedly involved in horse-trading has been admired and appreciated by political analysts in Pakistan. This move has become more significant due to two obvious reasons. One, general elections are not away and PTI has made such a big move. Two, Nawaz Sharif is rallying to ‘grace the vote’ and PTI chief has done it without any fear.

Senior analyst Dr. MoeedPirzada has tweeted that:

Naming, Shaming & Firing PTI MPAs for Senate Horse Trading by Imran Khan is an act of supreme confidence. PTI has also demonstrated its ability to counter PTM propaganda on a political level; New Dynamics are emerging that will decide Election 2018 & beyond

Kamran Khan, a senior political commentator, has also praised Imran Khan and said that:

Today, Imran Khan has done something which has never been done by any politician in our country: Kamran Khan

Columnist MehrTarar has also admired the decision of PTI’s chief. She tweeted;

Expelling 20 MPAs on the allegation of vote-selling in the Senate right before the elections is a very courageous move, and is an act that looks beyond short-term benefit. Thank you, PTI for doing the right thing (provided you go beyond the show-cause notices).

Imran Khan said he had knowledge of the possible adverse reaction of the PTI move especially at a time when the next general elections are around the corner.

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“I have no doubt that the PTI will have to face consequences. But, we are ready to pay any price to purge our party of corrupt elements,” Khan said, adding these MPAs deceived party activists who had voted them to power.

Imran Khan actually made a history by issuing show cause notices to the lawmakers of his own party. But the real question is whether he will eventually expel those found involved in horse trading or not? If Imran Khan moves in the direction he is currently head towards, he is going to make the PTI an institution based upon the ideals of genuine democracy. In Pakistan, elections and particularly Senate elections are not genuinely contested rather they are politically managed through horse-trading.