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Friday, December 8, 2023

India: creator of myths and narratives of terror

This writer doing research in American research centre of Hyderabad and saw no temple attached to Charminar, a mosque, but also saw the police and army under whose watch a temple was suddenly discovered one day when he passed from there.

Irrefutable but inevitable PM Imran Khan’s ceaseless effort to unveil RSS’s nefarious design has paid off rich dividends not only for Pakistan but also Indian Muslims. The two yoked together for alleged crimes of terror which they had not committed nor have they any intention on their part to harm the neighbouring country or their own country, either. The real face of aggressive Hindutva terror is stark and visible while the masks are lying on the stage and final act is nearing the end.

There were those who were shrewd enough to hide behind their gubernatorial pomp and authority to bait the pundits in the Kashmir valley to accept instant largess temporarily and patronage and be content for more later. Jagmohan Malhotra played in the hands of RSS starkly naked and defiant. His insolence and bubris are historic follies which have deepened the chasm.

In contrast there were those who chose to damn the Muslim minority but reading the Muslim holy book and biography of the Prophet gained insight and acquired critical thinking and benefited by historical facts of intuition for having lived together. One such was Swamy Lakshmi Shankeracharaya of Hyderabad.

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He had a sterling quality of believing the people of the city are compassionate. After he read the holy book and made detailed study he discovered that they would not be senselss to kill anyone after having been in close relationship! He wrote Islam—terror or the Ideal path. He inferred that the twin blasts in Hyderabad were the evil deeds of Satan.

Collective conscience, a myth  

Conscience is the part of a man’s mind that tells him whether what he is doing is right or wrong. If a judge has such a faculty he is individually concerned. Other judge may or may not concur. The most vibrant case is CJ of SC Rajan Gogoi who chose to give judgment against a female staff who alleged that he molested her. If there is a case of guilty conscience the concerned is individually ashamed.

Gogoi did not feel it and also went on record of not signing his order and Modi sarkar accepted it. The current CJ Bode availed helicopter sent by MP government for his family recreation tour. Another dimension is that Gogoi also judge Babri mosque case in favour of the temple and against the mosque. It is the world at large which has to think over where India stands vis-à-vis such complex matters. It is a matter that one can know better by reading a story by Mark Twain called The Man who Corrupted Hadleyburg.

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Swami Lakshmi Shankeracharya did the same in his own individual way. This writer was doing research in American research centre of Hyderabad and saw no temple attached to Charminar, a mosque, but also saw the police and army under whose watch a temple was discovered one day when he passed from there. Amit Shah only recently went there hectoring about his prowess to plant discord where there was none till then.

Afzal Guru was hanged to satisfy the collective conscience of India this is self contradictory. The police chief Rajbir Singh who ordered him to take a car for carrying out attack on Parliament abused him as chutya had also the notoriety of having pissed into his mouth and ordering him to wipe his faeces in his own clothes.

LK Advani entered the Parliament ahead of the one which was procured by Guru. His conscience showed no remorse. All this adds up to death of Justice Loya in Nagpur who was offered 100 cror for a favourable verdict in Sohrabuddin case. Even in the case reporter Rana Ayyub whose testimony had sent Shah to 3 months in prison had bundles of high denomination notes sent to the hotel she was staying.

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All these cases are pending to unravel the destiny of the Duke and King who are performing none such pranks in full view of the public believing that they can take the people for a ride forever. Such as the boast of Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria who hinted that Ajmal Kasab would have been discovered to be a Hindu, Samir Dinesh Chowdhary from Dilsukhnagar of Hyderabad and not a Pakistani Muslim connected to Konark theatre attack and Anand Tiffin Centre attack in Hyderabad.

Mustafa Khan holds a Ph.D. on Mark Twain. He lives in Malegaon Maharashtra, India. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.