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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Infiltration Complete: PM Modi Now Follows Adnan Sami on Twitter

Adnan Sami eventually gets the result of his relentless bullying of Pakistan, PM Narendra Modi starts following him on social media.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started following singer Adnan Sami on Twitter. Perhaps, PM Modi following him on Twitter is a token of appreciation for Adnan Sami for excessively ridiculing Pakistan on social media.

Adnan Sami is on the frontline of castigating and disparaging Pakistan for feeding terrorism and breeding Islamist jihadist. His bullying of Pakistanis has gained him trust and appreciation of several Indians including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi resulting in Prime Minister Narendra Modi following him on Twitter. It seems even PM Modi enjoys Adnan Sami trolling Pakistan and its government on Twitter.


Adnan Sami again in his latest tweet have jeered the current government of Pakistani mocking its slogan of ‘Naya Pakistan‘ and ‘Tabdeeli‘. He compared ‘Naya Pakistan’ with ‘Made in China’ products that are known for being less durable, unauthentic and with a shorter life span.

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He posted these comments: ‘Impossible my friend… NAYA PAKISTAN=MADE IN CHINA! on the picture, which asserted ‘Its time for Muslims to decide whether Pakistan is really their friend or enemy?’

Recently, a website trolled Adnan Sami by adding his name on the third position in the World’s deadliest spies’ list.

Adnan Sami thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for following him back on Twitter. Pakistani social media users trolled him on this occasion. Surprisingly, not only Pakistanis but even his Indian jumped on the bandwagon and trolled their new national.

To woo his Indian masters, he twisted the details of his father Arshad Sami, who was a valiant serving officer in Pakistan Air Force, to prove him an Indian.

A twitter user asked Adnan Sami about the origins of his father-where he was born and where he died. Adnan Sami gave an interesting reply stating that his father was born in India in 1942 and died in India in 2009. He, however, twisted the question and escaped from having to speak about the details of his father’s life, Arshad Sami, and gave the impression that his father was an Indian too.

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Adnan Sami often engages in trading fiery remarks and sarcasm with Pakistani social media users on Twitter, and get brutally bullied by Pakistani social media users in return.  While he cheered the Indian Air Force strike in Balakot in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack, he derided Pakistan for spreading funding terrorism in India. He, however, got trolled uniquely when Pakistani social media users started calling him an undercover Pakistani spy in India, working for Pakistan.

Adnan Sami had applied for Indian citizenship and he was granted Certificate of Neutralization on January 1st, 2016.