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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Is India planning a ‘false flag operation’?

Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned the world that India is planning a false flag operation to divert the attention of the international media from Kashmir. This report offers a background behind the premier’s latest tweet.

Prime Minister Imran Khan once again stressed on Thursday that India was gearing up for a false flag operation to divert the world’s attention from the genocide it is committing in occupied Kashmir.

“At least 15 homes of Kashmiri citizens were torched by Indian occupation forces in Srinagar yesterday,” PM Imran wrote on a post on Twitter, adding that India was subjecting Kashmiris to brutal oppression with the help of its 900,000 security forces stationed in occupied Kashmir.

The prime minister also shared images of the torched and destroyed houses of the Kashmiri people. He reiterated that India was about to launch a false flag operation in order to divert the world’s attention away from the deteriorating human rights situation in the occupied region.

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Earlier this week, the premier had voice similar apprehensions, saying Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindutva supremacist government was committing war crimes in occupied Kashmir, including attempts to change the demography of the Himalayan territory in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

In a series of tweets on May 17, PM Imran spoke about his Indian counterpart’s “RSS-inspired doctrine” in occupied Kashmir, which has been under a brutal curfew and communications blackout since August 5, 2019, when New Delhi scrapped its special status. PM Imran said Modi had clearly set up the moves of his fascist government in occupied Kashmir.

“First, deprive Kashmiris of their right of self-determination by illegal annexation of an occupied territory,” he wrote. The premier said the Indian prime minister’s second step to continue aggression in occupied Kashmir was through “a three-pronged approach”.

“One, trying to crush them with brute force [including] using inhumane weapons like pellet guns against women & children; two, imposing an inhumane lockdown depriving Kashmiris of basic necessities from food to medicines; and three, by mass arrests of Kashmiris [especially] youth and isolating IOJK from the world by cutting off all communication links.”

The Indian government on Wednesday had announced a new set of laws for the disputed territory that grants domicile rights to Indian citizens in the region.

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According to Al Jazeera, experts and residents fear that it will alter the demographic status of the Muslim dominated territory. The Doha-based channel reported that the law allows those who have resided for 15 years in IoK or studied for seven years and appeared in Class 10/12 examinations in educational institutions located in the region are now eligible to become permanent residents. This appears to be a case aimed at altering demographic dynamics in Kashmir.

The announcement comes nearly eight months after the Indian government stripped the region of its limited autonomy that had protected the region for decades from demographic changes.

Can India go for a false flag operation?

Back in 2019, Prime Minister commented, “I want to warn the international community that the Indian leadership will in all probability attempt a false flag operation to divert attention from its massive human rights violations & the unleashing of a reign of terror in IOJK.”

The Premier had voiced his concerns over India’s agendas to undertake another deceptive false flag operation in Indian-occupied Kashmir repetitively. Speaking to the New York Times in an exclusive interview, Imran Khan had noted that India is likely to stage a false flag attack to justify launching military action against Pakistan.

The premier noted that in such an event, Pakistan would be forced to respond with its military might. He added, “And then you are looking at two nuclear-armed countries eyeball to eyeball, and anything can happen.”

He continued that “my worry is that this can escalate and for two nuclear-armed countries, it should be alarming for the world what we are facing now.” Reports reveal that officials from the Indian government have rejected these warnings, accusing Pakistan of using the threat of a nuclear confrontation to urge the international community to intervene and mediate between Pakistan and India.

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Notably, India’s Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, had alarmed politicians across Pakistan with a veiled nuclear threat by hinting that India might move away from its “no first use” nuclear policy, devised under former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Tweeting from his account, Rajnath Singh had said that in the future, India might reconsider its stance on the “no first use” policy, depending upon the circumstances.