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Friday, May 17, 2024

Javed Afridi teases MG6 pro, amidst waning hopes of materializing!

Mr. Afridi is known for teasing all the new cars, including MG 3, MG Gloster, RX8 SUV, the pickup truck, and MG 5 to name a few. However, until now only MG HS, ZS, and ZS EV have materialized, putting a shade on promises by the famous entrepreneur.

After the success of the MG brand in Pakistan, and the recent launch of the first electric vehicle of Pakistan MG ZS EV, Javed Afridi, the CEO of JW Automobile Pakistan which is the local partner of MG went to Twitter to tease about a new Sedan for the Pakistani market.

This time, the teaser showed the MG’s new MG6 pro with the words soon as a caption to the video. The car would compete with the likes of Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla in Pakistan.

The new MG 6 Pro 2021 as the vehicle has just been revealed in the Chinese market. However, the company is waiting for the official launch date to give out complete details about the upcoming 3rd generation of the sedan.

What can be seen through the video is the sleek sporty Pro-trim design, following the global trend of sporty sedans, along with the futuristic elegant interior of the car.


According to various blogs quoting the Chinese media, the new sedan would have a 1.5L 3-cylinder turbocharged engine, which 181 horsepower and 285 Newton meter of torque. The engine would be coupled with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) system.

MG6 Pro MG6 Pro

Source: Techzle

On the inside, the car boasts a fully digital instrument panel, three-spoke steering as seen in the pictures, paddle shifters, a 10.1-inch infotainment system, along with some graceful-looking buttons combing the traditional looks with the futuristic design of the car.

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Mr. Afridi is known for teasing all the new cars, including MG 3, MG Gloster, RX8 SUV, the pickup truck, and MG 5 to name a few. However, until now only MG HS, ZS, and ZS EV have materialized.

One of the oldest cars teased by Mr. Afridi was MG6 on 8th December 2020 asking people to suggest the price of the car in Pakistan.

On 14th December, the CEO of JW Automobiles tweeted about MG Extender pickup truck giving the features of the cars.


He also teased MG Rx8 around the same time as well, making people think the SUV was going to be launched in Pakistan.

Then on 13th February Mr. Afridi tweeted about MG Gloster with the caption, “Pakistan are you ready!? MG GLOSTER, guess the price?”

On 17th February Javed Afridi revealed the price of the MG 3 Hatchback to be less than 2 million creating excitement among the people of Pakistan, who thought they could finally buy a decent car in the affordable range, and on 3rd March he tweeted, “need more zalmi colors in life!? #MG3 Soon.”

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On 11th March Mr. Afridi tweeted saying, “MG HS PHEV (plug-in hybrid). Coming soon. Guess price?


And a couple of days ago we all know he teased the MG6 Pro, which hasn’t even been launched in China, with the caption “soon”.

This time, however, people weren’t having it and some people commented on his tweet asking him to do much more than just giving teasers.

A user named Amer Shehzad said, “Soon word was also used for MG3 and wuling mini cars before 3-4 month but these cars didn’t come. Similarly, MG6 is also coming soon and will touch Pakistan soil perhaps in 2022.”

A blog argued that it remains to be seen if such big cars would be launched in Pakistan, as the recent budget has focused on the smaller and affordable car sector of Pakistan, so we shall wait now for such teasers to materialize.

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