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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Karlay Jo Karna Hai: Ali Gul Pir’s answer to Ali Zafar’s legal notice?

Rapper Ali Gul Pir mercilessly dissed and jeered singer, Ali Zafar. This is, perhaps, his response to FIA notice served to him by the singer for derogatory remarks against the latter regarding sexual harassment allegations. Will Ali Zafar reply to Ali Gul Pir with another legal notice?

Comedian and rapper, Ali Gul Pir, has released a diss track that subtly criticized singer, Ali Zafar. The crude lyrics of the rap song are purportedly directed towards Ali Zafar. The rap titled ‘Karlay Jo Karna Hai‘ seems Ali Gul Pir’s response to Ali Zafar’s FIA notice to him.

On many occasions in the song, the rappers made a direct onslaught on the singer with phrases like ” I am calling this song ‘channo kee maut‘ and ‘Tu hai Nah Teefa‘ among many others. ‘Channo ki Ankh’ is Ali Zafar’s famous pop song while ‘Teefa in Trouble’ is the singer’s first Pakistani movie.

Zafar had summoned the rapper for making derogatory remarks about him following Meesha Shafi’s sexual harassment allegations. The rapper had earlier reiterated that he will not back down because someone can’t take a joke.

Ali Gul Pir in his latest rap song told that he is not perturbed by anyone and that he is a self-made celebrity who rose to success after hard days. He also purportedly booed Ali Zafar for ‘crying’ over his jokes in the new rap song.

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While social media speculates that the rap song is a crass and arrogant take aimed at Ali Zafar, Ali Gul Pir asserted that his rap song echoes the increasing censorship in Pakistan by powerful individuals and state.

“We, the artists need to fight back for our basic human right to express ourselves”, said Ali Gul Pir.

He referred to the forced shutdown of an art exhibition by Karachi Biennale that featured the extrajudicial killings in Karachi.

Ali Gul Pir, the pioneer of rap music in Pakistan rose to fame after his first rap Waderay Ka Beta. The song was a satirical take on the Sindh’s feudal system, which made him an overnight star. Since then he has released several rap songs but none was at par with his debut rap.

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Ali Gul Pir says that his rap song, though comical, talks about social issues. He previously released a rap song Taro Maroo, another success, that discussed the issue of men staring and harassing females in public spaces.

He also released a rap song on the VIP culture in Pakistan that took a toll on the country in previous years. Singer Ali Zafar, however, has not commented on Ali Gul Pir’s diss track. The diss track, however, is enjoying praise on social media.