Know the Difference Between European and American Roulette

Roulette is arguably one of the easiest games in casinos to date. Not only is it easy to understand the very few rules, but it also comes in different variations from European Roulette to French Roulette. The variations range from classic variations to the more conventional variations, such as Monopoly and Pinball Roulette. Among these variations, American and European Roulette are the most popular. They are both just as fun to play but differ slightly from each other as there are the basic rules of roulette.

The Number of Pockets

Roulette directly translates to “little wheel” in French. This means that players get to have fun and a crazy shot of adrenaline while playing roulette, sort of like a carousel but with a tiny ball. The ball could land on any of the pockets. The pockets make up the biggest difference between American and European Roulette. There are 38 pockets on the wheel in American Roulette, while the latter has 37 pockets. 

Gamblers play Roulette by betting on which pocket the ball will land in. You may place your bet based on the colour of the pocket, whether it is an even or odd number or a high or low number. You might win as long as the ball doesn’t land on any of the green pockets owned by the casino. In American Roulette, the house owns the 0 and 00 pockets while in European Roulette, the house owns the single 0 pockets. This is the main difference between the two variations.  The numbers are also arranged in a different order in the two variations, but this is a minor difference.

The Odds

Odds are a relatively easy concept to understand. In this case, while playing American Roulette, you have a 1 in 38 chance of winning. The winning odds in the European wheel are a bit higher at 1 in 37. To a less experienced player, this difference may seem less significant, but don’t let it fool you. Though the payout is the same, 35 to 1, it will happen more frequently in European Roulette. 

The House Edge 

Most casinos have a house edge of about 5% for American Roulette and 3% for European Roulette. This simply means you will lose less money in the latter because the house has a lower advantage. 


Choosing which of the two to play becomes easy once you understand the difference. It goes without saying that better odds mean more time on the wheel and more fun. So there you have it, choose wisely!

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