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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Lawyer or Judge, who give respect to Doctor in Katcheri or Court will be Dismembered

Journalists, Amir Mateen, posted a picture of a formal note on his Twitter account, which showed lawyer community's rigidity against the doctor community. The note called the lawyers to boycott doctors and asked to reverse the norm of giving them respect in courts.

Prominent journalist, Amir Mateen, posted a picture of a formal note by Tehseel Bar Association of Zafarwal, urging the local lawyers to boycott doctors in the city. The note is penned down in the aftermath of the PIC clash between lawyers and doctors yesterday.

The inflammatory note called the lawyers to revoke the norm of giving respect to doctors in court and chambers. Failure to abide by the call would result in the dismemberment of the lawyer from the association; the same directions were issued for the judges as well to not given a seat to doctors in their chambers or courts to sit, in respect.

Amir Mateen, while posting the note, blasted at the lawyer community for fuelling vengeance when there is a need to quell tensions to restore peace and stability in the country.  The journalist called that news anchors must bar calling these representatives of the bar council in their shows.

“Hope anchors stop inviting Bar leaders supporting this sacrilege and shame them by name. Special tribunals are formed to try them swiftly as they did it after the London riots. @HamidMirPAK @arsched @Kashifabbasiary @MalickViews @asmashirazi” wrote Amir Mateen.

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Adding that, ” And the virus keeps spreading as smaller bars join the filth. Where will this end? Should doctors be banished from this country because some ruffians in black coats don’t like them.”

In his earlier tweets, he condemned the vandalism of lawyers.

The grim images from the PIC of heinous hooliganism by a blizzard of furious lawyers stomping the roads of Lahore, clashing with law enforcement authorities, attacking provincial minister Fayaz-ul-Hassan Chohan and the patients at the hospital dismayed the nation.

The intellectual community, civil society, and journalists have collectively called for actions against the lawyer community.

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Calls are rife to bring to justice the lawyer community and curb their hooliganism, as many social media users complained that lawyers have become ‘untouchable entities‘ in Pakistan.

They also called for Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa to take a suo moto action on the horrific incident at PIC Lahore.