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Monday, April 15, 2024

Loans due on Pakistan must be waived off: Demands PM Khan

The devastating effects of Covid-19 has caused the world economy to plummet indefinitely. According to Oxford economics, the global economy may face a decrease of 2.3% in its overall value. In these circumstances. Given this scenario, PM Khan has demanded that the loans of Pakistan to be waived off to help a struggling economy cope with this natural disaster.

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has demanded loans of all the poor countries including Pakistan be waived due to grave situation in the aftermath of noval coronavirus.

In an interview with foreign media, PM said act of waiving loans will help deal with and curb coronavirus epidemic. Therefore, international community should deliberate over forgiving debts for poor countries.

He warned if coronavirus is spread at large scale in Pakistan, then we have no potential and resources to deal with it.

Calling for lifting restrictions on Iran, PM said this act will help Iran to control coronavirus spread. Therefore, restrictions from the coronavirus worst affected Iran in Middle East be lifted.

He cautioned coronavirus can devastate economies of developing countries. The crisis emanating from coronvirus can lead to spawn poverty and hunger in developing countries.

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The developed countries should get ready to waive the loans for developing countries, he added.

The international community will have to think to find out some way to write off loans for Pakistan.

Countries like Pakistan are fearing for the worst economic recession in the aftermath of coronavirus. This step by the robust economies will help fragile economies to face coronavirus crisis.

“We are striving to save Pakistan economy. If coronavirus assumes alarming proportion then we will fail in safeguarding fragile economy. Pakistan exports will be affected and there will be upsurge in unemployment.

PM said IMF loan will become impossible economic burden.

Pakistan, India and African countries will have to face equal crisis in the wake of coronavirus, he underlined. Pakistan has neither medical facilities nor resources to deal with any major crisis.

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Imran Khan also raised concern over the massacre of Muslims in New Delhi saying the Indian Prime Minister’s Hindu nationalist-led government threatens to disenfranchise hundreds of millions of people through a controversial new citizenship law.

He said the worst nightmare of the world has happened as an extremist and racial party that believes in racial superiority has taken over a country of more than one billion people and also has nuclear weapons.

Regarding US-Taliban negotiations, PM said Afghan president statement with regard to Taliban is disappointing.

I worked with US on Afghan peace deal after coming to power. Pakistan efforts in Afghan peace process should be hailed. Pakistan is now US partner for the sake of peace.

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