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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Mahira slams international media: Insufficient coverage of Sudan crisis

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Mahira Khan has called out the international media for insufficient coverage of the mass human rights violations occurring in Sudan currently. The actress, in a tweet published today, protested that it is disheartening to see the international media’s insouciance towards the issue, which demands the world’s attention.

She had shared an article of an international news outlet describing the mass atrocities specifically inflicted to the Sudanese children in the clashes which happened in the past week. The article stated that at least 19 children had been killed, scores of them abducted and recruited to join the rebel forces, and sexually abused.

Approximately, 100 people have lost their lives since the government began a crackdown on the protestors on June 3rd. People in Sudan are thrown into the Nile River after being raped, beaten and killed.

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Mahira Khan, who is a strong advocate of children’s rights, has several times raised the issue of child abuse. She has participated in various protests demanding protection for the children. The actor, with compassion, has often expressed her remorse over the repeated failure of the society to protect children.

Recently, she came to Karachi and addressed a press conference regarding the heinous rape case of a minor girl, Farishta. Mahira Khan stated that it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children about good and bad touch. She also requested parents to take it seriously if their children complain about discomfort around certain adults in their proximity.

She also confronted a Twitter user who attributed the vulgarity promoted by the media for the rising incidents of sexual assaults against children. Mahira Khan slammed the Twitter user and retorted, stating that it is the regressive mindset of such people which incites them to rape minors.

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