Maryam Nawaz accidentally posts a video of pilgrims cursing Nawaz

The headstrong Maryam Nawaz is caught with another gaffe of posting an unverified video of Pakistani pilgrims, which according to Shahbaz Gill are cursing her father, Mian Nawaz Sharif.

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Maryam Nawaz, the chairperson of Muslim League-Nawaz is caught with her latest Twitter faux pass within a few days of inadvertently calling her party ‘ineligible’ and ‘incompetent’ in a tweet. In her rashness to undermine the government of PM Khan, Maryam Nawaz shared a video of Hajj pilgrims admonishing the government for the inconvenience in Hajj operations.

Assuming the video is of current Pakistani pilgrims, she censured PM Khan for Hajj pilgrims with insufficient arrangement of facilities. Maryam Nawaz shared the video with a comment of ‘OH MY GOD!’, an emoji expressing her repentance for tormenting the pilgrims on a sacred journey.

The spokesperson of Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Gill, however, commented on Maryam Nawaz’s twitter post and rejected her claims that the PTI’s government falls short in serving Pakistani pilgrims, asserting that it is an old video from 2015. He stated that the pilgrims were cursing Nawaz Sharif, the then sitting premier. He retorted that Maryam Nawaz should avoid spreading fake news and propaganda on social media.

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Social media reactions

Several Twitter users asserted that the video is of 2015. The pilgrims in the video were to travel to Saudi Arabia from Air Blue, which did not arrive. Hence, furious pilgrims admonished the airline and current government.

None of the PML-N legislatures stepped forward to prove the credibility of their claims on the shared video.

The twitter users mocked Maryam Nawaz for posting an unverified content on her social media account to throw an unwarranted criticism on PM Khan’s government. They advised her to fact-check before sharing such content since this becomes an embarrassment for the entire party.

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The proponents of Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf countered Maryam Nawaz’s tweets through posting the videos of Hajj pilgrims praising the arrangements of PM Khan’s government on Hajj operations, under her tweet.

The controversy unfolded into a severe debate, in which the supporters of both the parties fired abusive remarks against the respective leaders of the opposite parties. Shahbaz Gill, PM Khan, ousted premier Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Sharif were intensely abused on social media.

Maryam Nawaz, unlike her recent Twitter gaffe, did not remove the tweet from her Twitter account. Within a week, this is another display of faulty content shared on social media from the politician. Her earlier attempt to trash the current government backfired when she called her government ineligible and incompetent on a World Bank report.

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The race of social media

If the trends of misreporting facts continue, Maryam Nawaz is feared to lose her credibility in public. Nawaz should need to address the loopholes in her social media team, which is considered a backbone to thrust respective political agendas in the present time. A strong social media presence is vital to take a lead on opponents in electoral politics.


Interestingly, the social media camps of two rival political parties, Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz actively engage with current and potential voters on various social media applications. On the battlefield of Twitter, the leaders of respective parties are vigorously supported and branded.

Last week, Maryam Nawaz landed herself in trouble after she shared the World Bank’s recent report on Pakistan’s faltering economy published in newspapers. Perhaps Maryam Nawaz only read the subject of the World Bank’s report, which read, ‘Pakistan’s budget has lost its credibility’, and overlooked the content of the story.

Maryam shared the report on her Twitter handle with a tweet in Urdu, “The real performance of incompetent and incapable [govt]”.

Neither she nor her party supporters bothered to read the content, which reviewed the fiscal year 2015-16, and 2017-18, the years in which Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz held the government. The report of the Washington-based global lender stated, “An objective assessment of Pakistan’s public finance management system and its budgets from the fiscal year 2015-16 to 2017-18.”