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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mashal Khan honored as Herald’s ‘Person of the Year 2017’

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The slain student Mashal Khan was featured as the ‘Person of the Year 2017’ on the cover page of a local popular magazine ‘The Herald’.

Each year the magazine pays tribute to the most influential ‘person of the year’ by featuring the personality on the cover page of the year-end monthly edition.

Mashal Khan, a young student from Abdul Wali Khan University lost his life in a tragic event. A violent mob gathered in the premises of the university that beat him to death. 

The mob alleged him of blasphemy. Investigations later made shocking revelations regarding his death.

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The report stated that the whole drama was conspired by a professor of the university. It further stated that the alleged professor unjustly accused Mashal Khan of posting blasphemous content online.

However, a testimony from his close friend revealed that Mashal Khan was actively protesting against mismanagement in the university and also led the protest in this realm.

His statements were further endorsed by the Inspector General Police who later stated: “We did not find any concrete evidence under which [a blasphemy] investigation or legal action can be launched against Mashal, Abdullah or Zubair”.

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Around 45 people were arrested and presented to the court, following the investigations.

The victim’s family is still awaiting justice. Iqbal Khan, the father of the deceased has made it clear that he would not accept any offer of reconciliation.

He said ‘we will not allow any individual or Jirga for reconciliation in Mashal Khan murder case. If someone wants it then he should watch the videos of the brutal killing of my son.’

The investigations have brought overwhelming facts on the surface. The incident highlights the presence of intolerance faced in our society.

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It also pins the fact that through proper religious guidance such events can be avoided. Many people all over the country are attacked every year after being accused of blasphemy. The blasphemy law cannot be discussed since it is such a sensitive topic but it gets abused regularly by people who accuse others without any evidence for their own agenda.