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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Meera finally has something good to say about Mahira Khan

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If you’ve been following Meera’s career for some time (and don’t feel bad if you haven’t) you’d notice that it’s filled with spats and feuds with co-stars and actors of the industry. On numerous occasions now the infamous Lollywood actress has accused Pakistani television and film star Mahira Khan of colluding and conspiring against her. But it appears that she is attempting to turn these things around again by lauding Mahira Khan’s work with the Afghani refugees.

On Twitter the actress wrote:

The star has been very vocal of her dislike against the Humsafar actress in the past. In a video last year the star addressed the studios and filmmakers and urged them to not give work to Khan alone.

“There are many gorgeous actors and actresses in Pakistan, who have done exceptional work, and definitely better than Mahira,” said Meera. “There are better actors so please stop promoting Mahira. It is unfair to other stars in the film industry.”

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Previously, she encouraged her fans to not follow Mahira Khan’s (then) budding career. And wrote,” “Mahira Khan doesn’t know how to act at all. Don’t waste time to watching her movies and commercials”.

Her beef doesn’t end there though, the Lollywood actress once stated that Mahira Khan replaced her in a film project and ran a slander campaign against her which cost her some very important work both nationally and internationally. Speaking to Express Tribune the star expressed her anger and said:

“Mahira Khan replaced me in a major project by Momina Duraid — she literally took that project away from me, even I have met many Bollywood celebrities, including Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan and Karan Johar. In fact, SRK even offered me a film, but because of Mahira’s campaign against me, I lost all my projects in the Indian industry and she got one.

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I am still a superstar and have made a number of remarkable films so it is unfair that Mahira gets all the work and I don’t. Had she not established her own lobby in the Karachi segment, she wouldn’t have made it so far. If we create groups within the industry, the situation will get worse. So, I humbly request Mahira to come forward on the basis of her talent only and stop sidelining me.”

While it’s unclear how much of this is indeed true, Mahira for her part has never commented on the issue and rightfully so. The Ho Mann Jahan star has been getting work left and right and her Pakistani movies have all done good box office business. Still, it’s nice to see Meera Jee trying to mend fences instead of hating on people for a change.