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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Mehwish Hayat demands equal rights for Karachi after rain ravages the metropolis

In a stern call to the city administration, Sindh Government, DHA, and Cantt Board, the furious actress asked them to get their “act together & resolve this now!”

Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat lashed out at the concerned government entities after rain showers caused heavy destruction in Karachi on Friday.

The ongoing spells of monsoon rains have plunged the Karachi city into shambles. Long power outage, traffic jams, and urban flooding- the severe problems that gripped the city yesterday. Hence, Mehwish Hayat took to Twitter and drew the attention of the authorities towards the plight of citizens of Karachi.

Mehwish Hayat has been quite vocal about civic and social issues. This time she decided to speak on the ineptness and unpreparedness of the concerned authorities in Karachi to deal with the anticipated heavy rainfall in the city.

She shared the images of people stuck in flooded roads, traffic jams, and broken electric wires. While expressing her anger, Mehwish Hayat wrote, “We get some Karachi rain & the 7th largest city in the world grinds to a halt. Roads flood, Cars drown, people get electrocuted, power outages.”

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She called out the concerned city administration, Sindh Government, DHA, and Cantt Board in her tweet. She asked them to get their “act together & resolve this now!”

Mehwish Hayat wants greater rights for Karachi

Mehwish Hayat in her tweet reminded that being the biggest revenue generator city-Karachi has been brazenly neglected by the authorities. The city lacks adequate infrastructure to withstand rain showers- the decayed drainage system, mediocre power supply, and transmission system in the city and damaged roads add to the woes of the citizen particularly during the rainy season.

The actress further added that “We generate the most revenue in the country we deserve better!”

Henceforth, Mehwish Hayat believes authorities should develop Karachi according to its share in the revenue generation for the country. The actress joined the call of the citizens of Karachi who are crying for the attention of the provincial and city governments to address the complex issues of the city.

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The citizens of Karachi protested against the apathy of the concerned authorities towards the city. They argued that the disinterest of the authorities is worsening the livability in the city.

Karachi: celebrities slam government

A score of other celebrities also raised voice over the destruction of rain in Karachi. Comedian Shafaat Ali also shared his ordeal on Twitter. He said he stuck in a traffic jam for five hours after rain.

Famous designer Asim Jofa also shared the video of children playing in rain on the flooded road in DHA. Controversial singer Salman Ahmed also shared the images of the car drowned in rainwater in Karachi.

Model and actress Zainab Qayoom shared the images of a collapsed brick wall that damaged the cars parked. In a series of other tweets, she also shared glimpses of ravages in Karachi after rain. Similar to Mehwish Hayat, she also questioned the responsible for massive breakdown in the system of Karachi after rain.

A journalist shared the deplorable video of Karachi’s biggest state hospital Jinnah Hospital flooded with the rainwater. The social media users overwhelmed Twitter with messages of condemnation of the ruling party, Pakistan People’s Party. Also, they denounced party leader, Bilawal Bhutto for failing to develop the city of Karachi-the the provincial capital where his party has been ruling for the past 12 years.

The disgruntled social media users from Karachi even criticized Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah for utter mayhem following the heavy rain showers in the city.