Mobile Apps You Didn’t Know Existed

Smartphone technology is definitely going in the right direction. After all, aren’t smartphones making our life easier nowadays? We already forgot about the times when we used our phones only to call our relatives or send text messages. Smartphones are now much more useful tools than they were a century ago. Thanks to smartphone apps, things are now easily available at your fingertips. Scheduling meetings, skyping our friends, sending emoticons, we all do it using our smartphones. Who would have thought the world would have changed that much?

Many apps make you have a good time and enjoy your time. For example, many entertaining games are now available to download from the app store. There are so many cool apps you would have never thought they exist in the first place. People who are exploring new apps in their free time have discovered some very interesting apps that you can download today from the app store. Some of these lesser-known apps will make you have some fun and enjoy your time. Here a few suggestions on some apps that will give you some ideas on how to spend your free time and entertain yourself.

Dreamz Casino

Gambling enthusiasts will be happy to hear that they can now play their favorite casino games on their smartphone devices. Want to have a big choice? Then, Dreamz Casino apps give you the possibility to play more than 1800 casino games all in one place. There is a live 24/7 customer support to make sure that everything is going right.

Any game you could think of in a land-based casino you will find in this mobile app. Like that’s not enough, the gambling experience is like sitting on the poker table in a Las Vegas casino. Dreamz Casino app does make your gambling dream come true in the comfort of your own home. If you want to have some fun and try your luck today, download this app from the app store on your Android or iOS smartphone device.

Adobe Spark Post

Always wanted to have the coolest photos and videos on your social media accounts? Then, the answer is Adobe Spark Post. Actually, it’s a graphic design app that easily transforms your photos using simple yet effective tools. Adobe Spark Post includes seven customization templates. Filters, changing sizes, changing colors, adding effects are only a few things that this app puts at your disposal to create cool photos that you want to share with your friends on your social media account. 


Feeling like you want to share your emotions with somebody? Seems like there is nobody interested to listen to your everyday problems? Now, there exists an app that is always there for you. This chatbox allows you to talk about your problems and makes it possible to discuss them. At the end of the conversation, it gives you some advice on how to overcome them. Usually, the tips include practicing yoga, learning a new breathing technique, or how to get a night of better sleep. 


Are you a big fan of comics? Want to have your favorite comic come in handy? Then, Comics is the app you need to download today on your mobile phone device from the app store. Here, you can read your favorite comic books in one place. There is a variety of all-time favorite comic books, including Marvel Comics and DC Comics. It features an offline reading possibility. Indeed, this app is free to download on any smart device from any app store. 

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