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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Morality doldrums: the galling truth of Pakistan

The author discusses the recent elections and highlights how Pakistani society is functioning on a lack of moral values. According to the author, democracy without certain morals standards is dysfunctional.

I recently visited the bank for some assignments. While finishing my queries, I saw a young educated man who entered the bank and went straight to the desk without waiting in the queue for his turn. He, however, had no such temperament of realization that there were other people who were already waiting for their turn.

The expressions of the people in the queue reflected resentment and dyspepsia of such misconduct. This is one such example that shows that our nation has lost morality, ethics, and respect for other fellow beings.

The question that emerges here that why do we need moral values? And what is the function of morality? Morality is something through which we determine right and wrong conduct, that is, the guide to good or right. Morality requires that people sacrifice their own interests for the sake of society.

Many scholars now tell us that the function of morality and ethics is to reduce social tensions and thereby enable society to smoothly and efficiently ensure the prosperity of its members. These standards, however, lack in our culture, habits, and norms.

One can easily observe such cases in our daily life all around us frequently. The impacts of such exploits can awful, and it may give rise to extremism, polarization, and plurality.

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Social integration by Ibn Khaldun

Social integration among the people plays a significant role in unifying the community or group of people. It establishes a sense of shared purpose and social cohesion. Nonetheless, such norms or bonds have been weakened instead of strengthening.

We usually do like and are impressed mostly by Western thinkers, but I would like to give reference to Islamic Philosopher, ”Ibne Khaldun” who is known as the father of sociology.

Ibn Khaldun is one of the greatest scholars, historians, and philosophers who gave the concept of ‘Assabiy’a’ in his book Kitab-al-Ibr and the famous work is known as Muqaddamah. Assabiy’a means social solidarity, social integration. The bond that keeps a nation or group of people united together. According to Ibn Khaldun,” when the bond is strongest the nations growth leaps and bounds, on the contrary when the bond weakens the nations or empires fall.”

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The most basic causes described by Khaldun that causes empires to fail were leisure and luxury, loyalty to paid obedience, and full concentration of authority. The work of Khaldun if closely examine provides us with a model that how society emerges and grows by attaining moralities, ethics, and solidarity and collapses while snubbing it.

Our leaders’ lust for power

Ironically, if we closely examine this in the present scenario in accordance with Ibne Khaldun’s thesis, the conditions are not much different. We lost East-Pakistan because of the centralization of power by West-Pakistan and by not giving their lawful rights. The lust for power and wealth that always attracted our rulers has made us helpless and fragile.

The former PM Nawaz Sharif was disqualified because he had been dishonest to the parliament and the courts in not disclosing his employment in the Dubai-based company in his 2013 nomination papers, and thus, could not be deemed fit for his office. Similarly, the former PM ‘Yousaf Raza Gillani’ who was disqualified by the Supreme court, is now been elected as a Senator. Indeed, they still feel proud of it.

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The PDM also nominated ‘Yousaf Raza Gillani’ as their candidate for the Chairmanship of Senate but as it is said, every day is not a Sunday. Being a majority in the senate, PDM could not elect its candidate.

More likely this time, a similar strategy was used by treasury benches and Sadiq Sanjrani successfully defended his seat by getting 48 votes against 42 of the adversary. Total 8 votes of the oppositional benches were considered as nullified due to the alleged improper placement of stamp but the drama doesn’t end here as Moula Abdul Ghafoor who was contesting for Deputy Chairmanship lost against Mirza Afridi who secured 54 votes and won with a clear majority.

There are two opinions that are circulating in Islamabad:1) PTI took revenge for what happened on 3 march in NA, 2) The PDM could integrate their member correctly. Whatever might be the reason, the pivotal point is that there is no such thing called moral high grounds whatsoever in Pakistani politics.

Ironically, the same game that was played by PDM in the NA on 3 March, has been executed by PTI. But is it just? It’s tit for tat, as said by Shibli Faraz, Minister of Information that ”we would do anything now to win the Senate chairmanship.”

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The irony of Pakistan’s democracy

Morality is also closely related or a prerequisite of democracy, and the essence of democracy lies in the actual moral values. However, democracy without certain morals standards is dysfunctional.

Our politicians call themselves champions of democracy, but the reality is what we saw recently in Senate polls which indeed, I do not need to throw light upon or revise the chaos here again.

Moralities here are mostly applicable to the adversary. The PM Imran Khan or the opposition alliance ‘PDM’ may give a lecture or two on Moral high grounds, but when the ball is in their court to act and prove their selves, it’s likely to be shunned. The dilemma that has been witnessed by the nation in the last 2 weak is nothing but the fiasco of democracy by our leaders.

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The status quo against whom PM Imran khan has been fighting is now sitting next to him. How ironic that the newly appointed Senator Abdul Qadir was warmly welcomed by PM Imran khan who previously was awarded the ticket but later withdrew after huge criticism. The local PTI members of Balochistan had revolted against the central party leadership for awarding the Senate ticket to Abdul Qadir. It was another turn in many ‘U-turns’ by PM Imran khan. It seems that we are not left with any moral principles in this country.

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A galling truth

I would like to prompt something out of the box, but yet crucial, that is the recent incident of Kashmala Tarik’s vehicle in which 4 lives had demised, is now blown up in the air. Does anybody even remember or know what happened about the case? Or what their families have been through?

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We have lost morality, and moral high grounds, the remaining which is left is only subjected to fame and wealth now. The richer you are, the more respect you get- a galling truth, but this is how it works here.

Such intricate behaviours can be seen everywhere in our society, politics, and on an individual level. We have been subjected to such offences for decades. Now it seems to infiltrate our habits, culture, and society. We are already at the eleventh hour to avoid calamity, and it’s time to transform ourselves, for ourselves, and for our future generations.

I am cautious about where we are heading with such mayhem? We are at the brink of collapse, we shall act now before it’s too late.

The author is an engineer and lives in Peshawar. He can be reached at saad0921@yahoo.com.The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the editorial policy of Global Village Space.