Mortality Rate On Roads A Cause For Concern

Pakistan’s traffic accidents claim or badly injure a human life every five minutes. Without road safety measures, this is projected to increase by roughly 77% in 2020 and 200% by 2030. These mishaps also cost around 3% in economic losses brought about by material damages and human injuries. The accidents in the country are caused by a combination of many factors, such as poor infrastructure, distracted driving, speeding and alcohol.


Human Toll And Economic Costs

Road accidents can cause physical, mental and financial harm to everyone. From minor cuts and bruises to whiplash and spinal injuries, drivers and passengers can become a victim of traffic crashes. At worst, paralysis, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and death can also happen to anyone involved in an accident. Medical bills are expected to accumulate, especially in cases of serious injuries. While it is possible to pursue personal injury lawsuits, victims have a better chance of winning litigation if they hire specialist attorneys. For example, TBI lawyers can help you obtain a full and fair compensation for medical expenses, wage loss, pain, and personal suffering.

In addition, mental and emotional injuries after an accident can also affect victims. Emotional distress, fear, anxiety and shock can occur after an accident. Loss of appetite and lack of energy not only have an impact on physical functioning, but also upset personal relationships. In other words, besides economic losses, accidents and injuries decrease the quality of life.


What Can Be Done?

Asma Naqvi, Deputy Superintendent of Police of the National Highways & Motorway Police (NHMP) says that the main cause of road accidents is the inconsiderate attitude of drivers. Overtaking and driving in the wrong lanes also cause crashes and collisions. Another factor is poor road quality. However, the NHMP claims that road crashes are lower this year compared to 2019 because of better infrastructure and enforcement of law. Senator Pervaiz Rashid affirms that “A high-quality road network all over the country is important to control the number of traffic accidents. If we want to reduce road traffic crashes, we will have to improve our road infrastructure.”


Vehicle safety is also an issue that can be enhanced to bring down accident rates. In parallel, laws must be amended to reflect overall safety standards and emissions compliance. Licensing and vehicle inspections must be streamlined across the country. Above all, it is also vital to get the cooperation of commuters to respect and obey traffic laws and regulations.


Road traffic involves many players, including drivers, passengers and pedestrians. It requires a concerted effort at the national and provincial levels. Without the will and collaboration of concerned parties, injuries and deaths on Pakistan’s roads will keep climbing.


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