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Monday, September 25, 2023

Ninth-grade student raises voice against ‘child marriage’

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Singer Shehzad Roy’s Non-Governmental Organization ‘Zindagi Trust’ organized an art exhibition. The school children showcased their art pieces at the exhibition. A ninth-grade student, however, grabbed the attention of the visitors through her painting that reflected the social evil of ‘child marriage’.

The exhibition was titled ‘Power of Art’. The intent of the organization was to highlight the importance of art and culture for children. Roy wants to make the subject of art an important compulsion in the schools.

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Sharing the painting of the young artists Shehzad Roy tweeted, “Class 9 student Ayesha’s father told her he was breaking from family and societal pressure and fully supporting her to study as much she wanted. She translated his words into this. I wish I had a magic wand to scale @ZindagiTrust’s art program to all government schools.”

The picture garnered a marvelous response from the notable figures on social media. Governor Sindh Imran Ismail appreciated the idea of young artists while singer Ali Zafar lamented the fact that art is treated as a hobby and not an important subject in our society in their tweets.

Renowned journalist Nasim Zehra, Hamid Mir, Beena Sarwar congratulated Shehzad Roy over the success of the art exhibition. They praised the powerful painting of Ayesha and recognized the fact that child marriages are a social hazard that ruins the lives of young girls. In this realm, Shehzad Roy’s efforts against child marriage were appreciated and supported by journalists.

Shahzad Roy also attended a panel discussion in the ongoing Adab Festival Pakistan in Karachi and participated in the discussed that rummaged the strategies and efforts to improve the education system of Pakistan. He pinned mismanagement and governance the major glitch in the state-run schools. He said that children who are out of school won’t be able to go to schools because there is no infrastructure, fixture and required facilities. “Until the concerned departments address such core problems, we can’t achieve the goals in education”, said Shehzad Roy.

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Shehzad Roy, apart from being a singer, is a proactive social worker who is working simultaneously on various social sectors like education, control of drug abuse in juveniles and the spreading awareness against ‘child marriage’.

Last year he was appointed as the National Goodwill ambassador of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.