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Friday, May 17, 2024

One Homes Unveils $35 Million Investment in Luxury Apartments for Overseas Pakistanis

One Homes announces a $35 million investment in luxury serviced apartments, "Amaya Panoramas," tailored for overseas Pakistanis, with a focus on innovative design, collaboration, and excellence, shaping Pakistan's real estate landscape.

British-Pakistani-owned firm One Homes reveals plans for a $35 million investment in Islamabad’s luxury serviced apartments, “Amaya Panoramas,” tailored exclusively for overseas Pakistanis, marking a significant development in Pakistan’s real estate sector.

Investment Announcement

During a press conference, Aqib Hassan, Chief Commercial Officer of One Homes, announces the investment project, citing the firm’s track record of over $400 million in investments in Pakistan over the past decade, with a focus on luxury housing and construction. The event, attended by Pakistan High Commission’s Trade Minister Shafique Ahmed, underscores the importance of the investment plan for the country’s economic growth.

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Joined by industry experts Bernardo Vasconcelos and Olga Varabyeu, Aqib Hassan highlights the collaborative spirit driving the project. Bernardo expresses interest in aligning BCO London’s initiatives with the development, while Olga emphasizes creating environmentally friendly designs meeting international standards.

Vision for Amaya Panoramas

Aqib Hassan describes Amaya Panoramas as a collection of 5-star branded service apartments, promising an unparalleled luxury experience. He emphasizes bespoke concierge services and on-demand amenities, reflecting a commitment to luxury, comfort, and aesthetics.

Aqib Hassan underscores the pivotal role of overseas Pakistanis in the country’s economic landscape, emphasizing the tailored approach of projects like Amaya Panoramas to meet their investment needs and preferences. The project offers a blend of luxurious living and secure investment opportunities, featuring dollar-linked rental returns and comprehensive management services, aiming to strengthen ties to heritage while capitalizing on Pakistan’s growing real estate market.









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