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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Pakistan Air Traffic Controller Saved Indian Aircraft Carrying 150 Passengers From Disaster

Pakistan Air Traffic controller wins praises from across the border after saving Indian aircraft from a disaster. The move came amidst rising tensions between both the countries over Kashmir issue.

Pakistan Air Traffic Controller saved Air India flight en route to Muscat from the Indian city of Jaipur from a catastrophe last week. The air traffic controller guided the plane through a weather emergency, saving the lives of 150 passengers and cabin crew of the flight.

According to the details, the Air India flight was caught up in lightning near Chor, Sindh – a border area with India. The plane alleviated to an altitude of 34,000 feet from 36,000 feet. The pilot immediately issued an emergency ‘Mayday‘ call of help to the nearest air traffic control site.

An air traffic controller in Karachi swiftly responded to the emergency call of the pilot. The air traffic controller then guided the Indian plane through the heavy air traffic in Pakistan’s airspace.

It is noteworthy to mention that the desert area of Pakistan, bordering with India, had been severely affected by a thunderstorm and lightning past week. Last week, at least 20 people died including women and children after lightning struck the villages in Tharparkar district.

Meanwhile, a mammoth of Indians including Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon praised Pakistan’s air traffic controller for saving the lives. Raveena Tandon appreciating the heroic act asserted that ‘humanity prevailed over politics’.

Other Indian Twitter users expressed gratitude to Pakistan for saving the Air India flight from a major disaster that could otherwise have resulted in the loss of human lives.

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A humanitarian act from Pakistan came amid hostile relations between India and Pakistan. Pakistan had completely shut down its air space for Indian aircraft after Indian Air Force had violated Pakistan’s airspace in February. Pakistan has partially opened its airspace for Pakistan in mid-July.


Pakistan, however, denied India, permission to let Prime Minister Narendra Modi use the airspace of Pakistan in September following India’s forced annexation of Kashmir.

Lately, Pakistan is garnering praise from the global Sikh community for opening the Kartarpur Corridor for Sikh devotees. Pakistan is reinvigorating its image of a friendly, peaceful and progressive nation in the international arena by thriving religious tourism in the country.

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People of Pakistan warmly embraced Sikh devotees reaching Pakistan from across the globe. Pakistan even earned respect following Indian Air Force Abhinandan Varthaman’s safe return to India following its capture in February.