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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Pakistan celebrates Indian embarrassment day: ‘ The Surprise Day’

Surprise, surpirsed and shall surprise: Pak Airforce celebrate their win in showdown of 27th Feb 2019. Pakistanis took to Twitter to mock Indians on Surprise day. While PAF celebrates their hero's courage that shot down Indian MiG.

Pakistan Airforce celebrates the anniversary of the downing of Indian MiG-21 on 27th February. At the ceremony, the Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan said that they had gathered today to commemorate the “resounding victory” in ‘Operation Swift Retort’.

“Pakistan Air Force living up to its legacy yet again made its mark through professional excellence and valour,” he remarked.


He said that the “prompt, measured and surprising response busted the aggressor’s arrogance”.

“No doubt our successes are attributed to blessings of Allah. Decades-long hard work, investment in PAF operational capacity by our predecessors and the heroic acts of our personnel, let there be no doubt that PAF is and would remain reassuring fundamental of national defence.” the chief stated.

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The air chief said that the country faces “diversified challenges”.

“Despite these [challenges] PAF has continued on the path of professional consolidation over the last two decades while we solidified our professional training, capability enhancement remained our primary pursuit through indenization.”


“Today our platforms complemented by advance precision weaponry follow illustrate a successful realization of our homegrown technological pursuits alongside we place special emphasis on human resource development and force multipliers in making robust architecture of Pakistan Air Force.”

He said PAF is “hard-hitting” force and “focused on its mission”.

“My comrades while I assure Pakistani nation on the preparedness of PAF to counter threats we will not compromise on sovereignty or territorial integrity of Pakistan.

“Remember, professionally we are second to none. Along with other services, PAF remains poised to the defence of Pakistan.

“More significant in last year February was your professional superiority and lethality. We performed as a team,” he said.

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He said that the Pakistan Air Force is one of the most respected and responsible air forces of a peace-loving country. “Prior to aggression last year, our national leadership had made it amply clear that no misadventure again on Pakistan would ever go unresponding.”

The attendees watched guard of honour presented to the chief and a flypast at the event.

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