Pakistan donates PPEs to Afghanistan for the fight against COVID-19

Pakistan's National Disaster Management Authority has donated Personal Protection Equipment to Afghanistan to combat Covid-19.

At a ceremony, Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has handed over Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) to Afghanistan to combat Covid-19.

In a statement issued, the NDMA said, “On behalf of the government of Pakistan PPEs and medical equip­ment have been handed over to the Ambassador of Afghanistan to combat Covid-19.”

Special Representative of Prime Minister for Afghanistan Muhammad Sadiq and Ambassador of Afghanistan were present on occasion. SAPM Health Dr. Faisal Sultan was the chief guest of the ceremony.

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The relief items included 500 ox­ygen cylinders, oxygen concentra­tors, ICU ventilators, BIPAPs, digital X-Ray machines, Thermal guns, and PPEs kits.

The SAPM Health praised NDMA’s effort to deal with emergencies and its role in combat­ing Covid in Pakistan. The Ambassa­dor of Afghanistan, while appreciating the role of NDMA, also appreciated this timely assistance in helping Afghani­stan to control the pandemic.

In a tweet, Mr. Sadiq said, “Just attended a ceremony to send some much-needed supplies of ventilators, oxygen cylinders and concentrators, thermal guns, PPEs and other gear required to fight COVID-19 in Afghanistan, which is, unfortunately, facing a huge challenge from the 3rd wave of COVID-19.”

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While the two countries have a troubled past, they have recently come together as allies, especially in the international arena.

Ever since Donal Trump announced the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, Pakistan has been at the forefront of the Afghan Peace Process.

Having close links to both the Afghan government and the Afghan Taliban, Pakistan has been ensuring a smooth, peaceful withdrawal to keep the country stable even after the departure of the US.

The fates of the two neighbors have always been intertwined, and this is especially a critical time in history for both. Peace in Afghanistan is essential to the stability of the region.

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So this step by Pakistan gains even more importance, considering the current situation and the fact that for one country to be rid of the pandemic, it must ensure its neighbor does the same since both countries share a long border essential for trade and travel.

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