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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Pakistani arrested in Dubai for offering Mercedes, Rolex watch as bribe

A Pakistani man has been arrested for offering a Rolex watch as a bribe to Dubai police, reported Gulf News on Sunday.

A Pakistani man has been arrested for offering a bribe to Dubai police, reported Gulf News on Sunday, October 25th. The man offered a Mercedes, a Rolex watch, and a heavy amount of money to a Dubai police officer to help him escape the case.

Hence, Dubai Court granted him the Pakistani man a two-year jail term after which he will be deported to his country and a fine of Dhs 140,000.

Pakistani man offered a bribe 

The official records state that the man was arrested in June 2020. He offered Dubai Police officer Dh 50,000, a Mercedes, a Rolex, and Dh 20,000 monthly salary.

“He asked me to let him contact a person and help him to escape the prison for a bribe. He offered Dh50,000, a Rolex, Mercedes, and a monthly salary to help him whenever he was arrested in the future,” the officer was quoted by Gulf News as saying citing police records.



The policeman took time from him to think about the offer and alerted his senior about the bribe offer.

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“He asked me to make a phone call to a person to bring advance money of the bribe and that he will give me the rest after he escape the prison.”

Further reports claimed that the man called to a person to bring in advance the amount of Dh 15,000 to Bur Dubai Police Station.

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After an hour, two men appeared with the money at the police station. Dubai Police arrested the two men, who claimed to be the relative of the accused.

One of the men testified the accused is his relative. However, both the men denied their connection to the bribe offer. The third man said he did not know anything about the offer, he said he received a call from the second defendant to come with him to the police station. Both the men were later released after investigation.

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