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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Pakistani Disability Movement disassociates themselves from Muniba Mazari

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The Disability Movement has called off their support of Muniba Mazari in the wake of the allegations against her. The human rights activist is accused of activities in her professional and personal life.

Earlier, her ex-husband Khurram Shahzad sued her for defaming him and twisting the facts of their separation.

Now, Muhammad Atif Sheikh, the president of ‘Special Talent Exchange Program; (STEP), a DPO (Disabled People Organisation) has announced to withdraw their support from her since according to him Mazari is not doing any justice to her role as an ambassador of the organization.

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He said, “Muniba is presenting a model of sympathy as an ambassador. We don’t want to quote names or hinder her efforts but she isn’t doing anything for the disability movement and is merely cashing in on her disability.”

“She is trying to get attention using the charity model of disability, which is entirely wrong and isn’t what a representative should do.”

According to Sheikh, Mazari’s twisted stories of her marriage has defamed her country since it is projected to the world that men in Pakistan don’t respect women.

“She shouldn’t be an ambassador of disability for any organization because a representative/ambassador always advocates the rights-based approach and equality, not try to gain sympathy. Disability is a diversified way of living, not a brave struggle.”

Leading right activists for disabled people also share Sheikh’s view that Mazari has now changed her priorities. She also said that earlier she was in the right direction, but now she is using her disability to get fame.

“But as she has now shifted the concept of disability to fit her agenda, we don’t want anything to do with her. She wants to cash in on the sympathy and therefore, we don’t have any connection with her. Disability has nothing to do with sympathy.”

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“She is an inspiring woman but she doesn’t understand the disability movement and isn’t using the right terminology. Disability is merely a different lifestyle,” she said.

However, others say, people should bar commenting on her controversy since it’s her personal matter and that her efforts should be respected.