Pakistan’s position in the Commonwealth Games

Pakistan beat Scotland in their third hockey match while losing its fourth match to Austrailia in the Commonwealth Games 2022.

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Scotland held a firm hold on the game early on in the contest’s first period. In the ninth minute of the match, Cammy Golden scored the opening goal for Scotland, putting Pakistan under pressure. With back-to-back goals in the second quarter, Pakistan played admirably and increased the advantage

Scotland started off the fourth period looking for a goal that could have given them their first three points of the match. However, with five minutes remaining, Rooman scored for Pakistan to secure the victory. The game concluded at 3-2, leaving Scotland without a victory in the Pool round.

In their fourth match, Pakistan was defeated by Australia.

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Blake Govers scored Australia’s goal in the 12th minute to give them a 1-0 lead. In the second quarter, Pakistani players tried valiantly to get an equalizer, but to no effect. When Jeremy Hayward gave his team a 2-0 lead in the 19th minute, Pakistan’s problems multiplied. In the third quarter, Hayward made another goal, his second of the game and third overall.

The Pakistani players were helpless to halt the Australians’ charge, and in the 42nd minute, Tom Wickham increased the score to 4-0. Just two minutes into the fourth quarter, Wickham scored again to increase the margin to 5-0. Jacob Anderson’s goal gave Australia a 6-0 lead in the 53rd minute. In the second-to-last second of the game, Nathan Ephramus threw the ball into the goal for another score.

Australia easily won with a 7-0 advantage, moving on to the hockey CWG semifinals where they had previously advanced.

Pakistan is no longer competing for a medal. On August 6, they will face off against Canada in the contest for position 7.

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Birmingham is currently hosting the Commonwealth Games. At the Games, Pakistani weightlifter Noor Dastagir Butt won a gold medal. He accomplished this by heaving a weight of 405 kg, a record. This is Pakistan’s first gold medal at the competitions presently taking place.

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