Play The Best Online Casino Games at Vera and john in Japan 

Play The Best Online Casino Games at Vera and john in Japan 

Participating in online gambling and sports betting is one of the hottest trends on the internet. With the pandemic forcing people to stay inside, many have turned to the online world to seek their dose of fun and entertainment. 

Online casinos have become popular as gambling enthusiasts, and beginners look for alternatives to brick-and-mortar establishments. In this article, we talk about the online gambling scene in Japan and why you should be investing your time with Vera and John Casino

Online Casino Landscape In Japan

Japan is often considered the land of gaming- from video games to online gaming, the Japanese are at the forefront of innovation and participation. When we think of gaming, we often think of the Blade Runner-Esque environs of Osaka and Tokyo. 

Online gambling and betting have emerged as popular forms of gaming in Japan. The legality and regulations surrounding online gambling are rather vague in Japan.  Gambling for cash is illegal in the country. However, Pachinko and other small stake gambling operations in Japan have opened a legal loophole for gambling operators to run in the country. 

Online casino operators have taken advantage of the legal grey area to engage players and gambling enthusiasts from Japan to their websites and arcade games. The dubious 

Pachinko is one of the most recognizable media of gaming in the Japanese gaming scene. It is a fun arcade game that often doubles up as a gambling device in Japan. It is often compared to slot machine games famous in western casinos. Pachinkos are extremely popular in Japan.

In 2018, the Pachinko industry was able to bring in a whopping $190 billion in revenue. In 2015, the Pachinko industry in Japan was able to earn more than the combined revenues of cities famous for their casinos like Las Vegas, Macau and Singapore. This just goes to show the popularity of casino-based games in Japan and the presence of an enthusiastic audience for casino and table-based games in the country.  

Over the years, many foreign and indigenous brands and casino operators have established themselves in the Japanese market- taking advantage of the readily available market and audience in the country. Vera and John’s casino is one such operator that has opened its online avenue for players in Japan. Read along as we discuss everything this online casino has to offer. 

Why Should You Invest Your Time And Money At Vera And John Casino? 

Vera and John’s casino is a reputed online gambling operator with thousands of games on its platform. They are a fully licensed establishment with their licenses obtained from the Malta Gaming Authority. Online casinos require licenses to operate a regulated and legitimate online casino business. As a user and gambling enthusiast, it is necessary to conduct background checks on online casinos to have a safe and secure playing experience. 

Games At Vera And John Casino

Casino enthusiasts are guaranteed to have a great gaming experience at Vera and John Casino. This online casino has invested considerable resources in making its gaming catalog one of the best in the market. Their catalog features both classic and innovative spins on casino favorites like poker, slots, blackjack, and roulette. Here is a brief glimpse of everything they have to offer:


Vera and John casino bonus system is famous for its collection of slot machine games. Their website features several choices when it comes to slot machines- from classic slot machines to inventive slot games that are based on a myriad of pop culture themes and movies. 

Slots are an easy game to play and a great introduction for anybody new to the world of casinos. All the Pachinko enthusiasts in Japan will surely love this section of the website. 

Table Games

Any casino enthusiast worth their salt will tell you that table games are the best feature of any physical casino. Vera and John’s Casino caters to such needs with their diverse range of games- with traditional versions of games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and poker. They also feature creative spins on traditional casino games that are exclusive to their platform.

Live Events 

Live events allow players to enjoy their favorite casino games in real-time, watch other players participate in tournaments, and observe how dealers manage the game. Live events are meant to be an immersive experience for players who want to experience a brick-and-mortar casino within their own homes. At Vera and John casino, players can enjoy the best of live tournaments for their favorite online casino games. 

Special Features And Bonuses

Vera and John casino also provide in-house promotional offers and bonuses to its players like any other online casino. We highly encourage that players take advantage of such rewards and bonuses to increase their earnings in real money. 

Currently, Vera and John Casino bonus is a 100% bonus on the players first deposit for up to €50. They also have promotional offers and bonuses for exclusive games on their platform. Online casino operators use these bonuses as marketing tactics to attract more players to their platform.  It is important to add that players need to consult the terms and conditions of these bonuses to avoid any violations. 

Mobile App

If you like to play your favorite games on the go, Vera and John Casino have the perfect solution! The online operators have designed a dedicated mobile app with all your favorite games and live tournaments on it. Additionally, the Vera and John website has been optimized for in-browser viewing, making the website easily accessible on mobile browsers. Both the website and the mobile application provide access to the same games and user experience. 


In our brief review of Vera and John casino, we have found them to be a perfect casino for those who wish to play their favorite casino games online. We urge all Japanese players and Pachinko enthusiasts to check them out and not sleep on this opportunity! 

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