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Friday, April 19, 2024

Police Officers Must Strengthen Relations With People for Better Policing

In a recent meeting at 15 Rescue office, police officers are given a set of guidelines to follow to improve performance. Among a set of guidelines, one refers to 'good relations' with the public to encourage the image of 'good police' in society.

Police officers are told to improve their relations with the public for better policing and effective police ecology to eradicate crime.

Operations DIF – Waqaruddin Syed issued the instructions to police officers while addressing a meeting at the Rescue 15 office. He urged police officers to conduct meetings with the traders and local community, discuss their problems, and solve their problems with concerted efforts.

He also suggested the police officers meet social activists and retired officers and seek their advice on making the society safer for the public. He asserted that by adopting a professional approach, the citizen’s approach towards police will be restored,  and community policing would be ensured, he added.

Operations-DIG ordered Islamabad Police’s Anti-Car lifting Cell incharge to improve performance and launch an effective campaign against car thieves.

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Most importantly, he directed the police officers to engage with the parents of abducted children, provide them with psychological support and inform them about efforts being made to recover their children.

He also called for the immediate and free registration of FIR at Police stations as ignorant behavior will not be tolerated.

People’s New Friends: Police

DIG Syed also asked for effective measures to curb street crime including mobile and purse snatching incidents and ensure checking of motorcyclists.

“Bikes being driven without documents should be impounded and shifted to police stations while strict action should be taken against vagabonds,” he directed.

The Operations DIG asked the Investigation-SP to conduct meetings with SDPOs, SHOs, and investigation officers about crime cases of heinous nature in their areas and directed them to submit progress reports on each case.

DIG Waqasuddin Syed, also instructed police officers to beef up the patrolling and vigilance to ensure effective policing and directed a special crackdown against criminal elements including absconders.

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For this purpose, special forms have been distributed among the police officers in which they will record their daily activities including how many motorbikes, vehicles, and suspects have been checked by them during day duty and night duties.

He said it was the prime responsibility of police officials to ensure protection to the lives and property of the citizens.