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Sunday, April 14, 2024

PTV to broadcast another hit Turkish serial, Yunus Emre

The serial Yunus Emre will follow the broadcast of smashing serial, Dirilis Ertugrul earlier this year.

Pakistan state-run channel (PTV) is set to broadcast another hit Turkish serial, Yunus Emre, announced senator Faisal Javed Khan, on Thursday.

The serial Yunus Emre will follow the broadcast of smashing serial, Dirilis Ertugrul earlier this year. The second Turkish serial will be broadcasted in Urdu dubbing for Pakistani viewers.

“#KnowingIslamicHistory On the directions of PM ImranKhan, yet another hit by @mmehmetbozdag YunusEmre (AşkinYolculuğu) to be telecast on PTV,” wrote Javed in a tweet.

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“Yunus Emre (the Dervish) was an Islamic poet, a mystic & a poor villager. Story of a great Sufi wholly dedicated to ALLAH & searching for unity.

“It is a Journey of Transformation. Yunus Emre was well versed in mystical philosophy, esp that of the 13th-century poet and mystic Jalaluddin Rumi. Serial is a great example of a meticulous attention to detail work,” he added further.




Javed also shared the trailer of the serial in a series of tweets and wrote ‘coming soon on PTV’.

The serial was broadcasted in 2015 on Turkish state television, TRT. The second season of the serial was broadcasted in 2016. The serial has been created by Ertugrul-director, Mehmet Bozdag.

“In 13th century Anatolia, as Mongol invasions are getting more frequent, Yunus Emre travels to Nallihan where he establishes himself as Seljuk official. After joining Taptuk Emre’s dergâh (dervish monastery), he proceeds to follow his journey on becoming a dervish,” reads the description of the TV series.

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Yunus Emre on PTV: Why PM Khan recommended it?

The broadcast of the Turkish serials on the theme of spirituality and religion follows PM Khan’s vision to familiarize the local youth with the Islamic heritage, history, and traditions. Several times, PM Khan has expressed his wish for social reforms and protection of social, cultural, and religious norms.

In his previous interviews, Khan has regretted the moral degradation of society. He has strongly opposed the culture of sexism, vulgarity, objectifying of women, and indecency projected in Bollywood movies.

Khan had blamed Bollywood movies for the rise in sex crimes in Pakistan. Khan said Bollywood’s content is promoting child pornography, pedophilia, and sexual abuse among people in the country, as these things are originally not part of the culture of Pakistan.

PM Khan said sex crimes are skyrocketing and Pakistan is top-ranked for accessing pornographic content on the internet. His government is making efforts to curb sex crimes against children in Pakistan and regulate content on the internet.

He said the Bollywood that takes its content from Hollywood is channeling that into Pakistan which is damaging the country’s traditional cultural values.

The premier added that while Pakistan is importing the most dangerous aspect of Bollywood’s culture, people do not realize its negative outcome because they do not understand western culture.