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Thursday, May 16, 2024

‘What freedom do they want’: Playwright Khalilur Rehman Qamar blasts feminists in Pakistan

Khalilur Rehman Qamar, in an interview, once again gave his views on women's freedom and recent anti-rape protests prompting backlash by many.

Khalilur Rehman Qamar (KRQ) is once again being bashed by feminists in Pakistan and even the general populace for his inconsiderate comments on feminism as tensions remain high in the nation after the recent numerous reported rape incidents in Pakistan prompting many to protest against the inhumane crimes.

The writer recently made appearance at a local channel in which he once again shared his stance on the freedom of women in Pakistan. “What sort of freedom do they want?” Qamar questioned sarcastically. “They’re out on the roads already, they’re chanting these vicious slogans at Liberty Chowk…I want to question their fathers and brothers. Where are they? Where were they when these women came out on the streets, shouting and screaming? They must have come to the protest with their knowledge. Are they not free to do so? What other kinds of freedom do they yearn for?”

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He added, “Do these women want to get inside a room with their boyfriends as their fathers guard the door? Their brothers informing others that their sisters are busy? Is this the kind of freedom these women want?”

Qamar then questioned whether it is just to ‘abuse’ ones own country just to slander men. “Who appointed these 35, 40 women as representatives of the rest of the pious women of Pakistan? This is something that has not been questioned,” he said. “Under the disguise of freedom of speech, can these women abuse the culture, traditions, norms, brothers and fathers of our country? I would want the rest of the women of Pakistan to not fall prey to the agendas of these ‘vulgar’ women.”

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Qamar castigated for his biased and extremist comments

Many celebrities rebuked the writer after the video of his comments went viral. Maheen Khan a famous designer tweeted, “Who is this sick, depraved man? Men like him are the real enemies.”

Pop singer Annie Khalid commented saying, “Wow… he is so angry. He hates women; it’s written all over his face and in every word uttered by his filthy mouth. I pity all the women in his life, including his mother and sister, the women he’s interacted with in the past and will meet in the future.”

“No space for him in any women’s rights discourse. Those who work on women’s rights are free to disagree with each other but people who have no credentials to comment on such sensitive issues have no place in this debate and their opinions don’t matter to us,” shared one user, as many rushed to bash the local channel for hosting him and airing his opinions on television.

“Why is everything about sex for this vile man? Azaadi does not mean sex and boyfriends. Azaadi means the right NOT to be harassed or sexually assaulted. Azaadi means the right to be able to move freely. It also means the right to call your out for being a rape apologist,” wrote another user.

“KRQ is a complete embarrassment but these news channels know exactly what his viewpoint is and still proceed to give him space to voice his terrible opinions for clicks. Do better, have some integrity, let this old man live out his days alone in the darkness that are his thoughts,” another twitter user wrote.

Qamar has always been rebuked for his extremist and biased comments against women but recently as injustices against women have come to light it seems the writers comments no longer have a place on any platform in Pakistan.

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