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Sunday, April 14, 2024

“Qandeel would have danced better than Momina”

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Humaima Malick blatantly slammed singer Momina Mustehsan for her recent Lux Style Awards performance. Malick, in a now-deleted comment, had stated that the late Qandeel Baloch would have performed better than Mustehsan.

Malick throwing shade at Mushtehsan called her a ‘parchi’. The actress stated how Mustehsan bagged her place in the award show merely on her links with the organizers and not on merit. Malick revealed that two acclaimed singers were dropped because of Mustehsans’ performance.

“Two singers, male and female were dropped out last minute for this big performance,” wrote Malick, further censuring the organizers of the award show, she wrote, “God bless the parchi system but it’s so cute.”

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She then stated how social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch would have performed better than Momina Mustehsan. “May Allah bless Qandeel Baloch’s soul. If she was alive, she would have performed way better,” wrote Malick.

Unmoved by her critics, Mustehsan shared the video of her performance from the show.

“Here’s to women creating their opportunities with resilience and believing they’re much more than someone’s perception of them. And most of all, owning themselves for whatever they are – unapologetically,” wrote Momina Mustehsan on her Instagram account.

“Thank you Frieha Altaf for letting me conceptualize, direct, and produce this segment,” she added.

Humaima Malick is not the first one to take a jibe at Momina Mustehsan’s lethargic performance at the Lux Style Awards.

Momina Mustehsan had to confront spiteful comments from the netizens on social media as soon as her video circulated online.

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It is noteworthy to recall that Momina Mustehsan had shamed Qandeel Baloch for her objectionable videos on social media.

“Qandeel Balouch was not an epitome of women empowerment,” Momina had shared. “If anything, she was portraying the opposite: the only asset a woman has is her body,” Mustehsan commented on Baloch’s character.