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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Qatar to launch Doha Publishing Fellowship Program in 2020

Qatar’s all institutions are jointly working on one point and that is to make Qatar great. Recent sports events have greatly revitalized the image of Qatar on international forums and now, such intellectual events will help put Qatar on world's map again.

Qatar continues to invest in the areas which may help it to become a regional soft power to adequately address the challenges it is facing due to the unilateral blockade imposed by other GCC countries.

In the latest development, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, represented by the QFPD, is set to launch the first edition of the Doha Publishing Fellowship Program (DPFP) on Sunday, January 12, in co-operation with Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) Press.

This year’s inaugural DPFP will host 42 Qatari, Arab and foreign publishers from 22 countries around the world in a two-day forum boasting seminars from leading publishing industry experts, at the Doha International Book Fair.

General Manager of the QFPD Ibrahim Abdulrahim al-Buhashim said, in a press conference yesterday, that the DPFP is a specialized professional program that provides an opportunity for Qatari publishers to meet Arab and foreign counterparts. He pointed out that the program aims at establishing professional relations between publishers and enhancing the concept of intellectual property in addition to bringing publishers from around the world to trade rights for books and further promoting cultural exchange.

He added that the program works to exchange publishing among the participants in a way that serves the publishing industry in Qatar, which is still in its infancy and helps the Qatari writers to access other cultures, as publishing experts are hosted from countries that have a lot of experience in this field such as Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and the Arab Maghreb countries, as well as the participation of publishers from Turkey, US, France, South Africa, Italy, and Argentina.

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For his part, Executive Director of HBKU Press Bachar Chebaro said: There is a partnership between the Ministry of Culture and Sports and to produce this program. The QFPD and the HBKU Press have been mandated to follow this work.

The Doha Publishers Fellowship Program will include an opening speech by HE the Minister of Culture and Sports Salah bin Ghanem bin Nasser al-Ali, and representative of the QFPD and the HBKU Press, in addition to representatives of Arab and foreign publishers.

The Doha Publishing Fellowship Program provides publishers with a sophisticated electronic system that allows them to register their accounts, organize meeting times with publishers, exchange ideas, explore opportunities to acquire, and sell copyright. The program will also provide participants with the opportunity to attend seminars and partake in dialogues managed by leading specialists in the field of publishing.

The country is ready, and making all possible arrangements to make the FIFA World Cup 2022 a great success

Seminars will offer experiences of copyright, and universal copyright market, and will make room for the efforts made to develop this industry.

It is worth noting that the Qatari Forum for Publishing and Distributors was established last year by the Minister of Culture and Sports Decision No (51) of 2019, with the aim of raising the professional level of the publishing and distribution industry;  promoting co-operation between publishers and distributors; distributing the production of Qatari authors locally, regionally and internationally; and participating in local and foreign publishing and distribution exhibitions in co-operation with the ministry and other competent authorities; as well as documenting and strengthening the relationship between the forum and cultural and scientific bodies.

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The forum also aims to develop the publishing and distribution industry by setting up and participating in specialized professional courses, revitalizing the cultural movement, coordinating efforts and positions with Qatari associations, forums and cultural centers in regional and international forums in co-operation with the competent authorities in the state, and making a contribution to strengthening the legal framework to provide legal protection of rights Intellectual property and related rights for Qatari authors, regionally and internationally, in co-ordination with the competent authorities.

Qatar is a new tourism destination

Furthermore, the state of Qatar has successfully hosted the 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships which has increased the country’s image as a tourist destination. Authorities in Qatar believe that “the country is ready, and making all possible arrangements to make the FIFA World Cup 2022 a great success”. However, international media and some rights organizations have raised some serious questions about labor laws and the state of human rights in Qatar. There have also been some questions about the country’s behavior towards foreign sports enthusiasts.

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Vietnamese ambassador Nguyen Dinh Thao stressed that “Doha has become a popular destination for key sports events, making the country a household name among young people around the world.” He said that “the successful organization of the recently concluded 2019 IAAF Championships has further enhanced the good reputation of the country regarding its capabilities to organize large-scale global sporting events. It also gives preliminary indications on the expected magnificent performance of Qatar at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.”