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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Reckoning the destiny of Narendra Modi

The Republic Day violence at the Lalkilla in Delhi is another step that is hastening the reckoning of PM Narendra Modi with deliberate hatching a conspiracy to turn India into a Hindu nation. But the surprise is amazing because it is coming so fast one after another with dashing audacity that confirms him as a divider in chief of India.

The Republic Day violence at the Lalkilla in Delhi is another step that is hastening the reckoning of PM Narendra Modi with deliberate hatching a conspiracy to turn India into a Hindu nation. But the surprise is amazing because it is coming so fast one after another with dashing audacity that confirms him as a divider in chief of India. Till then it was believed that there are farmers sans a tag of their religion.

Suddenly from the sleeves, he sprang up another deviltry. How Machiavellian is the move that only two days ago a man called Yogesh was caught by the consummate mature leaders of the farmers allowed him to present his own case. He was connected with police agencies who had trained him to mount an attack and cause havoc that would lead to widespread anarchy by the tractor march into Delhi. It would be a fiasco.

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How did the government achieve its aim of dividing farmers?

What made the phenomenon take place at Lalkilla? The two Lakha Sadhana and Deep Sidhu supporters of BJP were allowed to take a different route and climb the fort and raise Nishan sahib and Nihangs wield swords to cow down all and then let the two sneak out.

The work had begun long back with the aim of a Hindu school like Bhonsle Military. School at Nasik and Nagpure. There would be one or more in every district of India. No state government or even central government bothered about it. India did not wake up to the monstrosity of the tentacles spreading around in its grip: Octopussy. On the other hand, myths were made of child Narendra Modi in his laudation holding two snakes at bay. However, the truth dawned soon. He had clay feet and an Achilles heel. He saved himself each time by suborning the judiciary.

Democracy cannot work if one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom –fighter or protector. Neither a Narendra Modi nor a Nasser Madani. The former had jj assimilated the Nazi Gestapo or Getheime Staatspoleizi, or secret state police strategies to destroy the Muslims. The latter had tried to use RSS tactics to confront the RSS when it killed old Alavikunju Maulavi of Kolam on his way to mosque in 1984 and later Maulvi Ali of Thrissur mosque in his sleep and had attempted to kill Mahdani himself and left him crippled for life. Madani wanted “to physically train and equip our men to take on the RSS the same way the Hindu organization did motivate them with religious discourse.” Madani has met his fate and paid with limb and ten years of imprisonment, Modi is on the way.

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Hour of Reckoning for desi Slobodan Milosevic: Narendra Modi

The sting operation of Tehelka will remake India into a first-rate country if people are really reawakened to the news and feel fear of what had happened in the pogroms in Gujarat in 2002. Under arch demagogue Chief Minister Narendra Modi come who-is-who in this modern-day revenge tragedy. Babu Bajrangi begins the rostrum: “I was the first to start the [Naroda] Patiya operation..” Bajrangi and his killers had forced Hindus to hand over their guns (23 in all) or get killed. They collected the Muslims near the ST workshop and killed them not by shooting but by hacking!. They were herded into a pit in the ground with one outlet. The hapless could not escape.

This was the black hole of Naroda Patiya. This would go down in history as worse than the other, the black hole of Calcutta! Babubhai Patel alias Babu Bajrangi had spoken about this genocide to the Home Minister Gordhan Zadaphia who asked him to go into hiding and not speak about their telephonic conversation to anyone. Babu Bajrangi confessed that he did rip open the stomach of a pregnant Muslim and killed her after spearing her fetus. As the line of command runs from the Chief Minister down to the cops and the marauders, Bajrangi says: “Nobody can do what Narendrabhai has done in Gujarat.

If I didn’t have Narendrabhai’s support, we would not have been able to avenge Godhra… because the police were standing right in front of us, seeing all that was happening, but they had shut their eyes and mouths.” He puts the police officer K.K.Mysorewala is on record for having phoned him to go into hiding. This Mysorewala is that SRP officer who had told the Muslim women and children begging him to save them from the marauding mob that it was ordered from above that on that day they would not be saved. Every order came from Modi, even surrendering of Bajrangi: “Narendrabhai asked me to surrender… I said, alright saheb if you tell me to, I will give myself up… I surrendered near Gandhinagar..it was all a big drama.”

The grave consequences 

Commissioner of Police PC Pande had asked his cops to disperse the bodies to other parts of Ahemdabad as so many had been killed at one place. Bajrangi and his killers had killed 700 to 800 at that one single place! He had personally pulled Saleem dada of that area out of the police van. The killer cops had asked him to finish off Saleem and burn him so that there would be no proof and they would not be pulled up! He took the victim away and finished in the sight of the cops.

Chief Minister Narendra Modi was himself on the scene at Naroda Patiya at 7.15 p.m.and applauded the murderers for their murderous deeds. One Suresh Richard, from the criminal tribe of Chharas which the RSS had roped into work with Bajrangi in slaughtering the Muslims, gave his testimony: “He (Narendra Modi) said our tribe was blessed… He said our mothers were blessed [for bearing us]…” On his arrival at the house of Richard, the sisters of Richard had welcomed the CM with garlands

As the December 2007 Gujarat elections are round the corner and these fresh disclosures are coming out, Modi got the wind of what was coming. In one rally he asked the people to burn him! Bajrangi after having burnt so many Muslims in the pit wished that he should be hanged! He was afraid of being burnt. But before that, he wants another chance. This time he wants to be allowed to go to Juhapura where Muslim refugees are sheltered. He would like to finish the job of what he could not when he and his ilks had killed 700-800! This time he would like to kill 25000 to 50000.

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Will India give him that last chance before he is hanged?

And if the Tehelka exposure does not dent our conscience as it happened in the case of the report prepared by the Citizens for Justice and Peace committee headed by Justice Krishna Iyer, Suresh Hospet and Anil Dharker we are doomed!

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has described the pogroms as the holocaust and holocaust it was. It should go for trial in the way of the Nuremberg trial in Germany. Modi should be arrested immediately and no bail until the trial is gone through and punishment is meted out to him and his cohorts! The collector of Godhra had described the burning of the train as an accident and had opposed the parading of the dead bodies. Modi had rejected collector Jayanti Ravi’s counsel. On the night of February 27, 2002, at his residence, he had told the police and the administrative officers that he wanted “Hindus to vent their anger” (quoted from the fourth affidavit of DGP Raman Pillai Bhaskaran Nair Sreekumar).

Narendra Modi was a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh pracharak or leader and automatically an ideologue and a demagogue. He still is. Therefore most of his pronouncements have provenance in the hate ideology of the organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and consequently Hindu mythology and legends.

Ideology and not gaffes responsible for Modi’s statements

Speaking from the Raigarh fort on 5 January 2014 he said that the sack of Surat on 6th January 350 years ago “was no loot.” Shaistekhan had hidden treasure there at the behest of Aurangzeb. Shivaji wanted that wealth to help him establish his own Hindu kingdom. Therefore Modi’s penchant for hidden health is to enrich the Hindu Rashtra or nation he like his fellow extremists on the right want to establish. He calls it Hindavi raj as the Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamna of 6th January puts it.1 The sack wouldn’t have been possible without the secret support of the natives of Gujarat.

This surely is an insidious way of suggesting that the Hindus were not all loyal to the emperor but had atavistically cleaved to their religion and hence they were ready to help the pillage. That was for a good cause. He dilated on his fellow Gujaratis of yore: “They informed him about the treasure, helped him and offered food. With the support of locals, Shivaji attacked the treasure of Aurangzeb.” Thus Modi has clearly attempted to view history in the light of the saffron ideology to create suspicion and hate against the Muslims by using and distorting history to suit his election campaign.

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He remarked that ascribing the Maratha warrior plundering of Surat would be an insult of Shivaji Maharaj! Modi even went further and said that Shivaji in fact wanted to teach a lesson to Aurangzeb. Suratey wer keyleyli chal hi Aurangzeb la dhada shikvineyasathich hoti. The standard politics of bringing hidden gold and Indian money stashed away in Swiss banks is often the boast of BJP pastime. They want to get it back to develop India. May be this would enhance Modi’s development model that his Gujarat is. Thus he continued and remarked that Aurangzeb had looted the wealth of Surat with the help of Shaishtekhan and had it hidden there.

This hidden treasure the Maratha warrior wanted to bring back to India and help in the welfare of the poor people. Hatch khajina maharajani parat aanoon hindusthanatil gorgarib jante cha kalyansaathi upyoguat aandla.The Marathi version would imply that whatever development took place in India was on account of what Shivaji plundered and invested in the people. This is how development took place at that time. 1

Another aspect of Modi’s Hindutva 

Once he prayed for rain on the Sabarmati River and lo there was rain. He then challenged the Muslims to bring rain in their Ramzan, holy month of fasting. Even the two sisters Tana and Riti could pray through their Malhar song so melodiously that rain would come and drench the sunstroke affected Tan Sen.  He would be refreshed and rejuvenated. But there is also politics here. The sisters had helped Tan Sen to perform raag Deepak so well that it pleased Akbar and the emperor ordered that the sisters should be brought to Delhi. It was against the village culture and the sisters refused to go. Akbar sent his soldiers to capture them and bring them to his court.

The sisters preferred death rather than breaking the tradition, they committed suicide. The two sisters were Modi’s fellow villages of immemorial days of the past. Modi instituted the celebration of the two sisters by instituting an award and every sixth day of Diwali there is a musical concert in their memory. Lata Mangeshkar was the first to have bagged the award.  The ceremony was held in Modi’s village Vadnagar.3 Whether it is music or hidden treasure there is a superimposed Hindutva tag.

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Without it he has no chance of winning the election. For this reason, Shrimant Kokare of Maratha Seva Sangh in Maharashtra put his finger at his attempt of communalizing politics a la Savarkar: “It is an attempt to create fissures between Hindus and Muslims, Shivaji fought political battles, not religious, but Mr Modi was trying to make it appear like a religious battle. There were 35 per cent Muslims in Shivaji’s army, 12 of his bodyguards were Muslims, his navy chief was Daulat Khan. Yet Mr Modi never spoke on these aspects of Shivaji Maharaj.”  2 Modi like other RSS die-hard extremists has learned more from the Anand Math of Bankam Chand Chatterjee than other books.

There is a tremendous of improbable cruelty ascribed to Mughals

A reporter with Newsweek-Washington post had interviewed this writer. The occasion was of a large number of books donated by the US embassy to him. The books were put in the library of the college where he worked. He told the interviewer that had the books been donated to a madrasa the Muslims who were supposed to have turned against the US in the 9/11 attacks would have realized the importance of great learning facilities in the US of which the books were only a part. He casually mentioned American Literature which could inspire secularism.

This produced a cascade of letters and comments in the paper of which one was about barbarity of Emperor Babur: “The kings are tigers, and their officials are dogs; they go out and awaken the sleeping people to harass them. The public servants inflict wounds with their nails. The dogs lick up the blood that is spilled. Source:Rag Malar, (pg.1288).” 4In all this the strains of secularism in Akbar, Babur, Shivaji is made to eclipse for a right-wing ideology.

That ideology has its spring source in the noveAnand Math where fighting the Muslims and killing them is justified but the foreigners like the English are supposed to be superior and hence protected. A summary of the early part in detail shows it as it includes the plundering of the revenue by the extremists among the Hindus because it was collected by a Muslim subaltern although the overall authority of the revenue collection was in the hands of the English.

The English are not only not blamed but held in awe and veneration

Anandmath begins in the year 1770 when there was a famine in Bengal. The hungry were driven to cannibalism. There lived in the village of Padchinha a man called Mahender Singh with his wife Kalyani and an infant daughter. What little was left during the famine was taken away by the revenue officers of the government. One such officer Mohammad Raza Khan had announced that the revenue collected from the crops would be raised to ten percent. It came as a death warrant. Into that tragic gloom came the epidemic of smallpox. In every neighborhood scores of people died every day so much so that the dead and the living ‘lived’ together. People did not have time and strength left to bury their dead. The starving began to eat the dead putrid flesh of dogs, hyenas and humans.

They walked a long distance and were tired. Mahendra went to fetch water and food leaving his family in a dharmshala. After sometimes thugs came to the place and robbed them of their ornaments. But they were so hungry that they did not find any immediate use for the gold and silver. They quarreled with their chief and killed him. They made a fire to roast and eat his dead body. Then someone thought that Kaleyani’s daughter’s meat would be soft and fresh and easy to eat as they were disgusted with the stiff meat of the dead. When they turned to the two they found the place empty and so they went after them. The woman could not escape their chase but she stopped and hid and was saved by a brahmachari.

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Mahendra Singh and his wife decided to leave their ancestral house and property and move to a city. He brought his rifle for protection, she brought poison. They came a long way when they were very tired and hungry. He told them to wait in the Dharamshala until he brought them some milk. Starving farmers took Kaleyani and her daughter. She was hiding in a green spot covered by bushes. When she woke up she was in a temple where a bharamchari brought some milk for them. She gave the milk to her daughter but did not take any herself. When the priest insisted she washed his feet and drank that water.

 The priest went out in search of Mahender Singh

Mahender Singh saw how an English officer was carrying revenue to Calcutta under guards. One of the guards saw Mahender with a gun and called others to catch the thug. The officer asked them to tie him to the cart. The English were revenue collectors of Nawab Mir Jaffer whom the narrator calls sinner, murderer, treacherous. The narrator says that Nawab Jaffer was drunk on opium and neglected Bengal crying in pain and suffering. The revenue was collected and distributed among the people and the extremists.

Some aspects of the novel reveal the ideology of the Hindutva. One of the leaders of the group in the novel is Satyanand. He has taken the vow [mahavarta] that they would be devoted to Bharat as their real mother; their biological mother is only a physical conduit. Satyanand also asserts that he and others like him think of the land called Bharat as their real mother. Satyanand tells Shanti that he believes that he thinks of the motherland as the only mother. Mi fakt deshalach maan manto. They would also remain celibate in the service of mother India who is a goddess in incarnation. Another thing is that there is a need for men and weapons. If they are in short supply they could not defeat Muslims.

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During the pogroms of 2002 RSS volunteers along with Bajrang Dal activists were made available well in advance, that too in their familiar uniform. Arms and ammunition were well stocked and were transported even during the curfew hours. They were imported from UP, Punjab, Bihar and other states.


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