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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Time for eschewing violence for a better subcontinent

Over the past five years, thousands of people have been killed and injured in acts of terrorism and violent conflict, particularly in the volatile parts of the subcontinent. Preventive action is important right now, It is a multi-dimensional approach used to avert the outbreak of conflict by applying the techniques of early warning and early response.

There are many people who disapprove of the way in which the BJP had taken control of the government when they have no right to do so. The way they have abrogated Article 370 is plain hijacking. No sooner was that done when they have opened the sale for the Kashmiri land to one and all. There’s an increase in violence that is disrupting peace in the subcontinent. The intention behind the policy of RSS and BJP was and is changing the demography of the valley! Why such a hurry when the natives of the valley are not in any hurry.

There are many young and middle-aged widows who never ever marry to populate the valley with such tearing hurry as is the Hindu right doing. Despite Asia Andrabi letting her husband marry another woman how many have followed the precedent if it comes to populating the valley. If she hoisted the Pakistani flag on March 25, 2015, it was no way of supporting Pakistan and her doing so has not rippled the water in the Dal Lake.

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We are more experienced in India and should have taken the lead

That would have shown the world where we stand as far as morality and statesmanship are concerned. That would have also slowed the arms race that is unending; a lesson to learn from the march of China and Taiwan in their rivalry in weaponry tit for tat. What happened when India tested nuclear weapons at the end of the last century when on its heels Pakistan also did just that!

Remember how John F Kennedy the President of America had warned Israel to stop the process of making nuclear bombs in the Negev desert. When they did not heed what happened. A Russian man Oswald assassinated him. A Jew nightclub owner assassinate him in turn. Neither India nor Pakistan have taken such violent means. Better to turn back on such murky deeds of revenge. Following Mahatma Gandhi’s footsteps is sanity. No arms race in the subcontinent.

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Extremism knows no end

The Bengali Royal brassier has instantly produced such dire warning on the happy festival of Diwali that is another standing lesson.

“I say that in India majority of people associate Mangalsutra with a religious custom. There is also a sound scientific justification behind it. Hindu culture emphasizes wearing a Mangalsutra made of pure gold and it is advised that the Mangalsutra should be hidden behind the inners and your promotional advertisement features heterosexual and same-sex couples posing for pictures wearing the Royal Bengal Mangalsutra…”

Ashutosh Dubey: The alleged incident happened at Ridgefield Memorial High School after Mohammed Zubi, 17, asked the teaching assistant if the class could have additional time to complete an assignment.

“He responded saying, ‘we don’t negotiate with terrorists,’ so I look around in shock, there are people laughing, and there are other people in shock, and I turn around and ask my friend, ‘did he really just say that?’ and she said yes,” Zubi replied.

Another student, Nicholas Velez, told the news station that the unidentified teacher’s remarks shocked everyone in the classroom.

According to CNN, the high school senior did not go to school for about a week after the insult.

The Ridgefield School District is conducting an investigation into the incident and said it “has absolutely no tolerance for any sort of discrimination against any student or staff member.”

In another series of incidents that is hard to come out of the rut of compulsive oppressive disorder is what the RSS secretary Dattatreya Hosabale in Dharwad, Karnataka said on love jihad when we had not steadied ourselves with all kinds of other jihads! “There are people who get converted and do not disclose that they have converted.”

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What kind of double advantage is here?

The times have changed too fast to reckon with the effects of such on our respective countries. There was a time when Principal Joginder Pal and his wife who was also a professor at the university to take their daughter Sukrita Kumar (nee’ Pal) to Hyderabad where we studied our research topics at the American Research Centre. I on Mark Twain and she on misogyny in American Literature. Joginder Pal had suffered the shocks of partition and his mother was crippled with the murder and mayhem scenes and had to closely watch her for the rest of her life. He had also taught at Nairobi

She studied Jane Austen so well that she offered the common green as a solution to Kashmir imbroglio and advised the government to have an attitude of ‘sense and sensibility rather than of ‘pride and prejudice’! This is the miracle of education!

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And, after I spoke on universal consciousness and help as ingredients of a world university organized by Isha Foundation of Sadhguru, and universal consciousness at the conference in Thivanthapuram, I dilated on the need for compassion when the girl in John Steinbeck‘s novel Grapes of Wrath feeds the starving father and son sheltering in a farm shed, the audience cheered me because of the topic. That goes to the heart.


Mustafa Khan holds a Ph.D. on Mark Twain. He lives in Malegaon Maharashtra, India. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.