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Reham Khan misuses religion to hit Imran Khan below the belt

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Reham Khan, journalist, and ex. wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again pointed fingers at Imran Khan and his religious beliefs. She said in a tweet that her ex-husband Imran Khan did not offer Eid, Friday and Fajar prayers. “He never once went for Eid prayers 3 Eid days together. No Fri prayers in my presence or woke up for Fajr,” she alleged.

She was responding to a user on Twitter who had asked: “can you tell where our beloved PM offered his Eid prayers when you were with him????”

Later on, Ali Salman Alvi, a Pakistani journalist, took to the Twitter and responded to Reham Khan. “A textbook case of a habitual liar. Unfortunately, #RehamKhan is trying to invoke religion card against PM Imran Khan but fortunately she has been failing miserably at that,” he said.

“3 Eid days together? Even if we take #RehamKhan word, which one shouldn’t, on the marriage date; there were only 2 Eid days, from 31-10-2014 (Muharram 1436) to 30-10-2015 (Muharram 1437). Where did the 3rd one come from? #HabitualLiar,” he added.

Reham Khan, on the other hand, also highlighted those elites in Pakistan misuse religion for their political interests. “Religion is used by political elites to secure vote banks while in their private lives they are more liberal than one can imagine. #Hypocrisy” She was implicitly talking about her ex-husband Imran Khan.

Reham Khan, however, had to see another bouncer when Farrukh Abbas, a Pakistan based columnist, and journalist, exposed her underlying intentions. “After playing a Sectarian card, Shirk card and Blasphemy card, now she has the audacity to talk about Elite using Religion for Political reasons,” he said.

Just after a while Ms. Reham Khan took to the Twitter and responded to Mr. Alvi and reminded him of some ‘Majboori’. “Since you know who I am & still write this you must have some mujboori to call me a habitual liar. I was referring to Eid ul Fitar 2014 Eid ul Fitar 2015 Eid ul Adha 2015 The tweet you have attached is from the Dharna 2014. Eid ul Adha,” she wrote.

Ali responded to Ms. Reham and stated “Now I am really feeling bad for you. The nation celebrated Eid ul Fitr on July 28, 2014. Were you and Imran Khan together in July 2014, even before the Dharna days? I am posting this tweet without that hashtag though 😉 #NoMajboori”

Reham Khan – The biggest mistake of Imran Khan’s life

Imran Khan married Reham Khan in 2015. But just after 10 months, they decided to get separate. Since then Reham Khan has been issuing some ‘unnecessary’ and ‘uncalled for’ remarks against Imran Khan. She also wrote a book and described her uncomfortable relationship with Imran Khan.

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“He’s so narcissistic and single-minded about his goal (to become Pakistan PM) that he forgets the appropriate emotional response to things,” Reham Khan wrote in her book.  She went on saying that “I married him [Imran Khan] because I believed in him and his mission, but it’s all fake.”

Imran Khan never commented on his relationship with Reham Khan but in an interview with an English-language website, he expressed his regrets. “Normally I don’t say anything about Reham, but I will say this: I’ve made some mistakes in my life, but my second marriage has to be the biggest,” Imran told Daily Mail.

Religion, politics, and society in Pakistan

Religion is considered a highly sensitive matter in Pakistan. The misuse of blasphemy laws in Pakistan has generated the debate whether religion should play any role in the public sphere or not. Politicians are alleged for misusing religion to seek political support. Recently, ISI prepared a report and termed the sit-in of Khadim Rizvi politically motivated. Khadim Rizvi used the issue of amendment to the blasphemy law helped him initiating a campaign against the sitting government.

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Reham Khan is deliberately using religious card against her ex-husband to give a tough time. This is an alarming situation for many analysts in Pakistan who earlier viewed misuse of religion by the uneducated people. Now, as a matter of fact, an educated lady like Reham Khan who is a self-styled liberal and westernized lady is using religion to hit her ex. below the belt.

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