Review of the best video chats in 2021: features, prices, differences

More than a year has passed since social distancing became the norm almost all over the world. Some people deal with these limitations relatively easily, while for others, it has become a real challenge. But anyone can confirm that right now it is simply impossible to imagine our life without Internet communication.

Fortunately, there are many ways to communicate across the Internet. Of course, they can never replace live interaction completely, but at the very least, they help us to cope with loneliness and even make new friends. It’s services like this that we want to talk about today.

The best video chat services for friends and family

Due to quarantine, millions of people were cut off not only from colleagues and acquaintances, but also from their relatives and close friends. Being separate from them is especially difficult to cope with. However, this does not mean at all that communication has to be stopped completely and absolutely.

You have at your fingertips a huge number of different types of communication tool: Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Signal, Zoom, Google Meet, Discord and many others. These apps and web services help make it easy to chat with friends, relatives, colleagues or simply acquaintances from anywhere in the world where there’s Internet.

One main advantage of all of these services is that their basic functions are available for free. This is repeatedly highlighted by users in their reviews. There are additional paid features though. For example, Skype allows you to make calls to mobiles and landlines. Rates differ depending on the region you plan to call, for example, for 6 euros a month you will get 2000 minutes to call North America. Or for 12 euros, the same 2000 minutes but for calls all over the world. Viber has a similar policy. Calls within the application are free, and to landline and mobile phones the price of a minute depends on which direction you call in. Zoom allows free conferences of up to 100 participants, but sets a time limit of 40 minutes. There are no time limits in paid plans ($149.90 or $199.90), and the number of participants can be higher. Additional functions are also offered that are useful when holding business conferences.

Simply put, for an ordinary person free programs and services to keep in touch with friends and family are quite enough. There’s simply no need for paid features.

But what about those who are looking for new friends? Those who want to chat with people whose contact details they don’t already have? The most obvious answer is to head to dating sites, but this option is not for everyone. Firstly, not every person wants to “shine” on dating sites. Secondly, registering and filling out a profile feels like a waste of time. Therefore, more and more people now prefer anonymous video chat. There are many good reasons for this.

Reviews of CooMeet and other chat roulettes for dating

Anonymous video chat is perhaps the fastest and most convenient way to make new acquaintances, find new friends or even your soulmate. You just go to the site, make a few clicks and chat with strangers on almost any topic straight away.

Like the abovementioned video services, there are a lot of anonymous video chats: Omegle, Chatroulette, CooMeet, Chatrandom and others. We will not describe each of them in detail, but rather focus on the opinions of real users. For example, you can read reviews about CooMeet video chat at

For those who do not want to spend time studying reviews, we have summarized the most important things that users say:

  1. Excellent moderation. It really is. While other video chats pay little attention to moderation, it remains one of the highest priorities in CooMeet.
  2. Only verified girls. Yes, when registering, girls must go through an account verification stage. This is how the administration prevents the appearance of fakes, advertising profiles and the like.
  3. You can quickly find a partner. It’s completely true. If you are a man, the system will only connect you with girls. This means you’ll save a lot of time and be able to discover the most promising acquaintances for yourself.
  4. CooMeet isn’t expensive. First, there’s a free trial, during which you can get acquainted with all the features and benefits of video chat. After that the prices are really affordable. For example, for just $1.99 you can get premium access for 24 hours.
  5. Excellent support. If the user has any questions, he can immediately contact a company representative and get answers. For example, if your account is blocked for violating the rules or similar. CooMeet support works around the clock and seven days a week.

There are also completely free video chats. But you need to be prepared for the fact that there will be no normal moderation, there’s a high risk of meeting problem users, and advertising will constantly interfere with your chat with other people. We’re sure you will agree that it is better to pay a small amount to make online dating comfortable. But it’s up to you to decide. We just remind you that all new CooMeet users can try the service’s features for free during the trial period.

Should you use CooMeet and other video chats to meet new people? Of course. If for some reason you haven’t done so yet, now is just a great time to start. Do not hesitate, dozens or even hundreds of interesting people are waiting for you, ready to chat on any number of topics. Don’t limit yourself just to communication with family and friends. Expand your horizons, find new friends from different countries and continents, and spend your time interestingly and enrichingly. Use modern technology to your advantage today!


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