Road trip essentials

A road trip is the perfect way to escape a busy lifestyle. When work and your personal life get to be too much, a road trip can be an ideal solution to take a break from it all. Jump in your car with a few close friends and explore some new places. You could head to the beach for a weekend trip or go camping in different spots over the course of a week or even longer. The route you choose is entirely up to you!


 What do you need?

You will need a few things before starting your trip. Even though a road trip can feel very spontaneous, don’t forget some of the basics. We have made a list of things that can be useful and some things that are essential:



Pack as early as possible and make sure you always know where your driving license is. Other documents such as your MOT results, car insurance documents, circulation permit, etc. should be easily accessible when you need them. Book MOT online well before your trip


First aid kit

Nobody wants to think of injuries including scrapes and bruises occurring, but if you are ever in a situation where you need a first aid kit you’ll be glad that you planned ahead. Small injuries such as a scraped knee or scratched hands while changing a tyre are common, but not having a band aid available will make driving very uncomfortable. Some essentials that a first aid kit should include are bandages, disinfecting spray and a cream to treat minor injuries with. 


Don’t spend valuable time looking for your keys

Phone, charger and keys are of course things that are too easy to forget, even though we use them so often. Buying trackers for your keys and wallet such as Apple AirTags can save you lots of time. 


Spare change

Credit cards are not accepted everywhere and if you lose your internet connection on the road you might not be able to pay digitally so keep some spare change in your car where you can easily reach it. 


Emergency equipment

Aside from a first-aid kit, emergency equipment and clothing such as a high visibility vest, emergency triangle, etc. are also important to make your trip safe. 



Don’t forget enough water and a change of clothes. After driving for a while, you may want to change into something else to feel refreshed again. 


Also don’t forget the following:


 -Smartphone accessories: external battery, phone holder

 -Sun cream

 -Cloths to clean up spills



Road trips are meant to be a lot of fun so planning well in advance will save you lots of headaches. Road trip essentials will make your trip more safe and enjoyable and give you the freedom to let go and take the break that you deserve. 


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