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It is relevant to quote US President John F. Kennedy, “Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.” The Indian PM Modi has had his way in politics fantastically. He never bit the dust. However, despite this, there was ominous foreboding that a radical from his right-wing will end his career. He has fiascos in galore which the right-wing may be compelled to remove him from power. After every victory, he is also heralded in bloodshed because of his Hindu extremist mindset.

The demonetization caused immense loss. Now birth pangs of CAA and Kashmir transforming into a UT are harrowing experience to the citizens of the country. When he shifted to Delhi in 2014 as PM 8 Muslims prisoners were shot dead in Bhopal. The HC is going to begin hearing the Malegaon bomb attack case in which a serving Lieutenant colonel Purohit of the army is involved. The Chinese face off is proof that he has caused a lot of problems and embarrassment to the county and its citizenry.

The misplaced loyalty has even divided the US and communalism has reached the far shores thanks to the funds collected there by Sonal Shah which buttressed the genocide in Gujarat and helped Trump.

Eclipsed by Western Hindu extremism

India has shown greater power than can be guessed by anyone. In the person of Modi the Indian diaspora has exercised its power so phenomenally that even the president elect Donald Trump had uttered on October 27 2014 “Abki bar Trump sarkar.” “We love Hindus. We love India.”This peculiar viewpoint of Hindu extremists and their allies abroad has coloured Indian politics. That has helped in eclipsing both the fake encounters involving innocent Muslims killed and the counterfeit currency that so hugely surfaced in 2011.

The SIMI jailbreakers’ case might have centred on small crimes of thieving or ordinary crimes but not sedition or anti-national activity to justify murder most foul. It is also reported that they were close to being acquitted. But the 8 were killed as if they were traitors to their country, India. However the case against Indresh Kumar was that of a staunch Hindu nationalist who had accepted according to Lt Col Purohit 21 cror rupees from Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan. The serving army man had plotted to kill Kumar both for the fake currency as well as being ‘a mole of ISI’.

Fake encounters, counterfeits and blasts

The bomb blast in Malegaon on September 29, 2008 had revealed many details that could shock any Indian with even a little sanity still left in him. The Military Intelligence report has many more in it than has been revealed. “Malegaon bomb blast coincided with birthday celebrations of Col Purohit’s younger son. It may not be a mere coincidence.” It is a matter of top secret because a man of probity like ATS chief Hemant Karkare, Military Intelligence-9 officers and Intelligence Bureau had jointly investigated the matter. A copy of it is with the Indian Express. They had questioned Purohit on October 29-30 2008. Their report says that Purohit had set up Abhinav Bharat to counter ISI activities in India.

It was shocking to the army man that Kumar had accepted such a huge amount of money from Pakistan. It must have been so horrifying that Purohit not only had shades of differences with RSS but had also researched in a white powder that would kill Kumar without a trace of the cause of his death. Kumar was also reported to be behind the murder of Sunil Joshi. Harsh Mander’s appeal to the Supreme Court to retry Amit Shah in the famed fake encounter of Sohrabuddin Sheikh, his wife and friend Tulsiram Prajapati has been ignored because of not legal wrangling of the third party but because of the saffronizing and suborning of the judicial process.

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Today’s fake encounters, counterfeit currency and blasts are traced to Pakistan while little attention let alone inquiry is given to Sohrabuddin and other such cases. Nay, Shah boasts that demonetizing of 1000 and 500 notes are a surgical strike fully justified—another way of looking at current history from the perspective of reviving Pakistani activity in India for blaming the neighbor country rather than introspecting ourselves.    

Mysterious Bhagwan

The conspiracy to bomb Malegaon and kill Indresh Kumar has what the Irish poet WB Yeats speaks of widening gyre in a poem on the rise of Nazism. The Second Coming. Even Sharda Peeth Shankaraacharya aka Dyanand Pandey had jumped on the bandwagon of Purohit according to the Military Intelligence report. The RDX that Purohit had given to the mysterious “Bhagwan” was used in the attack on Samjhauta Express. It is also reported that Purohit had stolen the RDX from Kashmir. Did he store it in the temple of Pandey? It is also interesting to know that “staunch” RSS supporter Shyam Apte of Pune was roped in to finance the attempt of Abhinav Bharat to kill Indresh Kumar. “Ajay Rahirlkar aka Raja handled the financial affairs (of Abhinav Bharat) as directed by Col Purohit.

One Shayam Apte (70 years) a committed worker of RSS was the main provider of funds. Rahilkar has disclosed payment of Rs 3.20 lakh to Rakesh Dhavde (the arms supplier of Abhinav Bhart to buy arms as directed by Purohit. This has been separately confirmed by Dhavde and Col Purohit, who stated that these weapons were being procured on directions of Shankaracharya who tasked Col  Purohit to eliminate one Indresh Kumar, a senior RSS functionary based in Delhi. Indresh Kumar was allegedly an agent of ISI and along with one Subedar Singh was also involved in pumping of fake Indian currency.”

The demonetization caused immense loss. Now birth pangs of CAA and Kashmir transforming into a UT are harrowing experience to the citizens of the country.

Blame game

There are two claims made each by Purohit and Apte. Purohit says that it was Pandey who had asked him to kill Kumar. Apte claims that it was the Director General of Military Intelligence who had asked Purohit to unearth the involvement of Kumar in ISI activities.  Purohit was frustrated when the Army did not act on his report on Kumar and therefore he approached Apte for the task.

It is also in the report that two commandos from the army were dispatched for the task of “dispatching” Kumar. But Pragya Singh Thakur did not accommodate the two because Kumar was like a father to her. Purohit’s role was so pivotal that his culpability cannot be attenuated by any means while that of Amit Shah is linked to CM Narendra Modi directly.

It was Purohit who had brought Swami Asimanand and Pandey together in the April 2008 meeting in Bhopal. Thus Bhopal is the provenance of not just the 8 SIMI jailbreakers but also of heinous crimes that amount to subversion and sedition.  It is not anything new as far as history is concerned.

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In 1947 it was no other than Mahatma Gandhi who had been disturbed by the activities of RSS in the central provinces around Bhopal and Gwalior that he personally prevailed upon the rulers to reign in one notorious conspirator Madan Lal Pawa who organized attacks on Muslims according to the conspiracy hatched by RSS chief Golwalkar. Later Pawa threw a bomb at Gandhi in the third week of January1948 but missed the target.

The misplaced loyalty has even divided the US and communalism has reached the far shores thanks to the funds collected there by Sonal Shah which buttressed the genocide in Gujarat and helped Trump. Barack Obama had dropped Sonal from his campaign. Would Trump even think of it while in India CM Suraj Singh Chauhas has given cash awards to the killers of the 8?

Mustafa Khan holds a Ph.D. on Mark Twain. He lives in Malegaon Maharashtra, India. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.