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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Sana Safinaz defend their ad campaign labeled as ‘racist’

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Sana Safinaz eventually responded to the recent onslaught of criticism directed towards them after the launch of their lawn campaign 2018.  In their statement, the popular clothing brand defended their advertising campaign and expressed their satisfaction of working with the African Maasai Tribe from Kenya

The famous clothing brand was accused of racism in their advertising campaign that featured an African tribe from Kenya. The campaign showed models posing with member of Maasai tribe.

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Large number of people disapproved their advertising campaign on social media. Some claimed that fashion brand portrayed the culture of African tribe as subservient props for the shoot.

Others claim the brand used the disadvantaged group to sell their brand that for them was an expression of racism. Hence several buyers pledged not to buy the brand this year in protest.

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Hence Sana Safinaz issued a statement in which they elaborated the motivation behind their campaign. “We are, proud of the work we did with the Maasai, especially the women, and stand by it.”

“Two years ago we read an article on the internet that talked about ethical tourism. It describes the plight of African tribes that were being exploited. The article went on to say that avenues promoting responsible tourism exist that encourage and support local projects,” the statement explained.

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“In another article in The Guardian in 2011, the author writes about how the Maasai have joined hands with some travel companies who ensure that eco-tourism provides them with income while protecting their lands. This is the kind of ethical tourism and ventures that the Sana Safinaz brand is pleased to support and work with,” the brand defended.

The brand further said, “We are not infallible and neither are we strangers to controversy. We appreciate the burden of responsibility placed upon us and we try and carry this forward with care and consideration. We want to categorically state that at no point did we want to offend anyone.”

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“We do apologize deeply for any offense we have caused despite this never being our intention.” The brand also confirmed they have removed from their social media ‘offending’ images.