Sexual Assaults Occur Every 68 Seconds in USA

It can be easy to turn a blind eye to sexual assault, but recent reports reveal that it remains a prevalent problem in our society. Research from the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) has found that sexual assaults in America occur every 68 seconds. Understanding these numbers is crucial for recognizing the scale of the problem before we, as a society, find ways to overcome it.

Recent Data

Sexual assault is a topic that affects every person living in America today. Recent reports reveal that one in six women have been the victim of actual or attempted rape, meaning that it’s likely happened to someone you know. Around 90% of rape victims are women, but large numbers of men – one in 33 Americans – are also victims of this crime.

The most shocking and alarming stat to come out of recent research is that sexual assaults are happening in America every 68 seconds. That means that nearly every minute, someone somewhere in this country is being assaulted. These figures reveal more needs to be done to help lower rates of this particular crime.

The Most Vulnerable 

Unfortunately, the most vulnerable people in society are often the ones who find themselves becoming victims of sexual assault. For instance, inmates often find themselves stuck in a room with sexual predators, which is why 80,600 are assaulted in America’s prisons each year. The problem also exists in the military, where 18,900 serving members experience unwanted sexual contact annually.

Among children, around two-thirds of sexual assaults are committed on those over 12, while a third are committed against children under the age of 12. Every year, 60,000 children will experience some form of sexual abuse. Across the general public, more than 400,000 cases of sexual assault occur each year.

How to Protect Yourself

These stats are a sad reflection on the state of modern society. Governments and educational establishments must do more to prevent this from happening. As individuals, though, we should also find ways to protect ourselves. If you’re ever worried about this problem affecting you, then seek legal and psychological support.

A psychologist can help you deal with your fears or trauma related to sexual assault. They’ll help you understand that victims are never at fault. Meanwhile, hiring a sexual assault attorney will increase the chances that you’ll receive justice and closure for any crimes committed against you or someone you love.

If you’re worried about this issue, then seek support as soon as you can. These numbers can be concerning, but they’re merely a true reflection of the scope of the problem. Work with organizations like RAINN if you’ve been affected by these issues and be sure to seek legal advice whenever you encounter a crime of any sort. These recent findings are just the start of society working together to overcome this problem. We need to protect the most vulnerable while ensuring that all members of the general public feel safe in this country.

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