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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Shaan Shahid snaps at Nusrat Javed for ridiculing PM Imran Khan

The sour interaction between Shaan Shahid and Nusrat Javed has left Twitter users divided. Some supported Nusrat Javed, while others appreciated Shaan Shahid for supporting PM Imran Khan.

Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid snapped at famous journalist Nusrat Javed for deriding him on Twitter on Saturday. Recently, Shaan posted an appreciative note for Prime Minister Imran Khan on his Twitter where he praised PM Imran Khan’s courage and determination.

In his appreciative note, Shaan Shahid said that corrupt politicians are afraid of PM Imran Khan.

“The eyes of the tiger @ImranKhanPTI to the nation these eyes assure a bright future, equality, and justice .. but for the corrupt, these eyes will never leave them ..until the tiger hunts them down,” said Shaan Shahid in a tweet.

The appreciative tweet of Shaan Shahid for PM Imran Khan did not go well with the journalist Nusrat Javed as he posted a sarcastic comment under the actor’s tweet.

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“I always thought @mshanshahid was just an actor with an expressionless face. Never knew he could read eyes, so comprehensively and passionately. Wish he quickly revealed the rest of hidden talents as well,” wrote Nusrat Javed.

Shaan Shahid’s response

Shaan Shahid too did not hold back and gave a befitting response to Nusrat Javed. Shahid said that he understands his dislike for PM Imran Khan, however, he is the current premier of Pakistan and people have voted for him.

“I understand your hatred for @ImranKhanPTI but the nation has given the verdict he is the PM of and we must thank the Pakistani nation for making us who we are as well as I made a career out of an expressionless face and you sir made a career out of your meaningless writings,” Shaan Shahid replied to Nusrat Javed.

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The sour interaction between the two figures generated reactions from Twitter users. The conversation left the Twitter users divided; some supported Nusrat Javed while others appreciated Shaan Shahid for supporting PM Imran Khan.