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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Shahid Afridi responds to rumors of daughter’s engagement with Shaheen Afridi

Pakistani cricketer, Shahid Afridi, responds to rumours of his daughter’s engagement with cricketer Shaheen Afridi on Sunday.

The news of a possible engagement of Aqsa Afridi and Shaheen Afridi had been rife on social media on weekend. The news had spread like wildfire on Twitter with messages of felicitations pouring out for the family of the cricketers. Later, Afridi took to social media and addressed the rumours, adding that the engagement has not been planned yet as they are reviewing the proposal of Shaheen Afridi.

In his tweet, the cricketer said, “Shaheen’s family approached my family for my daughter. Both families are in touch, matches are made in heaven if Allah wills this match will be made too,” he said. “My prayers are with Shaheen for his continued success on and off the field,” Afridi added.

Shaheen Afridi also commented on the tweet of Shahid Afridi on Sunday. “Alhumdulillah. Thanks, Lala for your prayers. May Allah SWT make things easier for everyone. You are the pride of the entire nation,” wrote Shaheen Afridi on Twitter.

While the fans and followers of both the cricketers are enjoying the news. A Twitter user posted a video of Shaheen Afridi refusing to celebrate after taking a wicket of Shahid Afridi in the HBL Pakistan Super League match in 2018.

According to unconfirmed reports, the engagement will take place after two years when Shahid Afridi’s daughter has completed her studies. The cricketers had been trending atop on social media on weekends.

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The news first shared by sports journalist Ihtisham-ul-Haq who said, “With permission from both families, I would like to clarify the engagement rumours between Shaheen Afridi and the daughter of Shahid Afridi,” Ihtisham ul Haq tweeted, adding, “The proposal has been accepted; it is thought that a formal engagement will be done within two years, following the completion of her [Aqsa’s] education.”

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The journalist went on to add, “The reason behind this tweet is to clarify the suspicion caused by social media. Concerning both families; please do await their official announcements as they are currently in talks. I would like to request all individuals to respect their privacy during this auspicious time.”