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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Social media defends Imran Khan against libelous blasphemy charges

Pakistan's PM, Imran Khan drew immense support on Twitter following a Twitter trend that slammed him for disrespecting the Holy Prophet. His followers reprised his efforts and statements for the restoration of Muslims to quell the inflammatory trend.

A campaign to defend Prime Minister Imran Khan against libelous blasphemy charges flourished on Twitter to counter the antagonistic campaign smearing him of disrespecting the Holy Prophet.

The advocates are challenging the antipathy against Prime Minister Imran Khan by citing his efforts for the restoration of the image of Muslims globally, and his impassioned statements disseminating the message of the Holy Prophet.


A Twitter trend ‘Imran Khan Saccha Ashiq e Rasool‘ has become the second most popular trend of the day- toppling the slanderous Twitter trend and echoing the massive support behind him.

The social media users are reprising his regular statement in reverence of the Holy Prophet. They slammed the naysayers for twisting his statements to stoke unnecessary controversy against him; to sully his reputation and endanger his life.

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A Twitter user posted the video of acclaimed scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel praising Imran Khan’s vision and determination to establish a Madina-styled welfare society- the foundation of which was laid by the Holy Prophet. Maulana Tariq Jameel added that Imran Khan is an honest leader whose vision is to establish a just and welfare society.

He might not be able to materialize his vision but at least he is dreaming to follow the path of the Holy Prophet, Maulana Jameel said. He addressed the people that they all should pray for the success of Imran Khan.

Imran Khan’s global efforts

Earlier in September, global and local clerics and scholars rallied in his support following his maiden speech at the 74th UNGA speech.

Globally acclaimed Muslim scholar Maulana Ahmed Akoo lauded Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech at UNGA session. Maulana Akoo expressed gratitude to PM Khan on behalf of the entire Muslim population.


Maulana Akoo in the video asserted that PM Khan represented the Muslims of the entire world and appreciated his courage for courageously speaking for Muslims, strongly putting up their case ahead of the United Nations.

He pointed out that PM Khan rightly highlighted the issue of Islamophobia, which has immensely affected the Muslims all around the globe. Adding that his speech has given him a ‘great sense of hope’ by shedding light on the ‘myth of radical Islam’.

Imran Khan became the first Pakistani premier to robustly slam the planned blasphemy of the Holy Prophet in the western countries. He unabatedly denounced the caricatures ridiculing the Holy Prophet, adding that the reverence and respect of the Holy Prophet is the foremost principle of Islamic beliefs.



In one of his remarkable statements from his UNGA speech, he said: “The Prophet (PBUH) lives in our hearts. When he is ridiculed, when he is insulted, it hurts us. As we humans know. that pain of the heart is far more hurtful than the physical pain. And that is why the Muslims react,”

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Observers had credited his speech for noticeably converging the world’s attention towards crucial issues of vilifying Muslims and slandering the Holy Prophet- both the issue that woes the Muslims.


Imran Khan regularly associates his social welfare projects such as shelter homes for the homeless and Soup Kitchens for the impoverished with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.

He has regularly reiterated Prophet Muhammad as his role model. He has urged youth and his followers to diligently follow Prophet Muhammad for success. Moreover, in his speeches he imparts his knowledge on the life and struggles of the Holy Prophet, reflecting his deepest reverence for the Holy Prophet.

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He has even teamed up with Turkey and Malaysia to run a global TV channel that will tackle Islamophobia and the blasphemy of the Holy Prophet. Imran Khan will also be attending the first Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that will discuss the problems of Muslim Ummah in December.


Some of his passionate supporters even introduced another trend attacking the attempts of the opposition parties to de-seat Imran Khan. A Twitter user wrote that Pakistan can progress if it follows the pattern of Madina’s welfare society; Pakistan will crumble if Imran Khan is removed from the premiership.




Such a man who is fighting for the prophet’s honor and Islam at every possible forum, who spoke against every act against Islam, how can he, so blatantly, disrespect Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), social media ask?