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Thursday, July 4, 2024

Social media erupts in laughter as Nawaz Sharif claims credit for making Tomahawk missiles

“I built the tomahawk missile. We brought it from Balochistan when Clinton fired a rocket at Afghanistan. We also have proof," the former premier said during an interview.

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif claimed in London yesterday that he had built the Tomahawk missile. “I built the tomahawk missile. We brought it from Balochistan when Clinton fired a rocket at Afghanistan. We also have proof. We did its engineering.” Sharif said in a video shared widely on social media.

As per the video, Sharif claimed that he did not have, not had he ever provided “small services.” He declared, “we are proud that we have done this service”.

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Siasat News claims that when the former premier was making this claim, the expressions on the face of Ishaq Dar, who was standing nearby, were rather disturbing. They revealed that when Sharif finished speaking, Dar said that the missile was not a tomahawk, rather it was a cruise missile.

Social media users made interesting comments on Sharif’s claim. Commenting on Sharif’s claim, Azhar Mashwani, Focal Person to CM Punjab, wrote that it is enough to say that Pakistan was also built in the furnace of consensus.

PTI Member Musa Work said a fugitive was claiming that the tomahawk missile was not made by an American missile defense company. He then questioned how Sharif managed to become the Prime Minister of the country three times.

A social media user stated that “fugitive notorious criminal Nawaz Sharif”, whilst leaking sensitive information under the pretext of taking credit, told the media that our heroes had done reverse engineering of American-made tomahawk missiles. They even added that Sharif was a great threat to national security.


Aamir Khurshid asked Sharif to reveal important secrets of the country, including the Tomahawk missile, in addition to other secrets. He inquired, “will this statement be used against Pakistan again?”

Media Analyst, Ahmed Nadeem wrote that for a long time, the PPP has been giving credit to Benazir for bringing missile technology in the country. He added that today, Nawaz Sharif has taken it too, further questioning whether that was not the case.

Commentator Azad Manish joked how in a popular movie, Tom Cruise jumped from a plane and landed in Balochistan instead of Afghanistan by mistake.

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A social media user said that the United States dropped a cruise missile on Afghanistan. “It fell in Balochistan. We picked it up and made it our own by reverse engineering it. This is a three-time Prime Minister with a strong sense of humor who has started leaking national secrets in the cycle of taking credit. And pointing to the sky like a missile hanging above”.

Another user wrote sarcastically that Nawaz Sharif made tomahawk and other cruise missiles and forgot their names thereafter.

Commentator Akhtar Ahmad Rai wrote that the map of C-Pak was prepared by Maulana Fazlur Rehman. “Your servant is your leader”, said Rai.

Who made the Tomahawk missile?

The Tomahawk long-range attack missile was created by American weapons manufacturer, Raytheon. The Tomahawk is an all-weather, subsonic cruise missile with nuclear capability.

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It is primarily used by the United States Navy in ship and submarine-based land-attack operations. Upgraded versions of the missile can even switch targets while in flight, and change course instantly on command.