Sony used swarms of drones to collect data for their games

According to a patent submitted by Sony in May of this year, developers may be employing drone swarms to assist in the creation of more realistic in-game landscapes. This might transform the gaming experience in the future, making playing even more exciting. Meanwhile, you can try another exciting thing—online sports betting. Go to Bet365 Review – Read Expert overview of to get the latest information about the best online bookmakers and the current odds of different teams and athletes. And good luck!

A Sony patent submitted in May of this year discloses that the publisher has used or may use drone swarms to acquire landscape information for a number of its games in the future. While the exact applications for this technology have not been specified, surveying landscapes using drones might likely benefit the making of big-budget films that utilize real-world locales. This technology would have helped titles like The Last of Us and its sequel, but it may also be used in games like God of War Ragnarok and the expected PS5 remake of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Sony has recently filed a number of fascinating patents, ranging from new methods to improve face animations to out-of-the-box technologies that might allow players to converse through haptic vibrations. The new console generation has undoubtedly opened up a slew of new opportunities for game creators, and the publisher is ready to build proprietary technologies to guarantee its products stand out from the crowd.

Sony’s drone swarm patent might be used with existing photogrammetry techniques to generate in-game settings with unrivaled realism. The patent also specifies a way for each drone to filter out the others from the photographs it takes, significantly expediting the process of mapping out an environment. Overall, while the technology is unlikely to be relevant to every game made by a Sony first-party studio, it is expected to make the process of generating genuine outdoor landscapes considerably easier.

As the AAA development process becomes more complex as technology advances, improvements like these can assist to reduce time without losing project quality. Certain Naughty Dog titles have recently been hampered by developer crunch, and while it may appear to be a tiny step, Sony’s new patent might potentially assist to lessen the stress imposed on some companies. Although it was not the primary purpose of this new patent, any solution that can assist combat crunch culture is crucial.

Upcoming PS5 unique games like Forspoken are already making use of Sony’s unique hardware perks, and it’s probable that Sony’s first-party developers are using patented tech like this behind the scenes to make the production process as seamless as possible. While this new approach is unlikely to spark an AAA game production revolution, it is innovative new ideas like this that help to grow the industry in its entirety.

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