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Sunday, April 14, 2024

South Korean Lawmakers Begin Presidential Impeachment Vote

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korean lawmakers began an impeachment vote Friday against President Park Geun-hye. Success is widely expected amid a corruption scandal that has left her isolated and loathed. As more than 1,500 protesters massed in front of the National Assembly building, lawmakers inside, some of them taking selfies as they waited, lined up to enter curtained voting rooms, where they recorded their anonymous votes and then emerged and put their folded ballots in boxes. “Can you hear the roar of the people in front of the National Assembly? We need to overcome the old establishment and create a new Republic of Korea by passing (the impeachment motion),” Kim Kwan-young, an opposition lawmaker said, ahead of the vote, referring to South Korea’s formal name. “Our great people have already opened the way. Let’s make it so we can stand honorably in front of history and our descendants.” Just ahead of the vote, opposition members of parliament sat on the floor and chanted “Impeach” with raised fists.

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