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Friday, February 16, 2024

Sunny Leone soon to start her own fitness show

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Sunny Leone will soon be starting up her own fitness show. The Bollywood actress is all set to become a fitness guru in her upcoming show ‘FitStop’. The show will be broadcasted on MTV Beats from November.

In an hour-long fitness session on TV, the hot actress will motivate people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Leone will also be giving people the tips about how to shed weight.

The actress herself has a physique which she attributes to a healthy lifestyle and the effort of balancing calories. The show has a fusion of music with some quick exercises. These exercises are designed by fitness Micky Mehta.

In an official statement, Sunny Leone said, she believes physical fitness is an essential component of overall health and that she has teamed up MTV Beats to encourage people to undertake a wholesome lifestyle.

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“A big believer in working out to keep fit — both physically and mentally”. “Everyone should make some time in their daily schedule for some quick exercises. I know exercising can be a chore and to make it exciting for people, I’ve teamed up with MTV Beats to launch ‘FitStop’ — where I’ll be showing people how to exercise and also treating them to some fabulous music which will help them work up a sweat,”

She also shared her daily routine fitness workout. She daily tries to do thirty to forty minutes of cardio exercises, often mixed with yoga and aerobics.

The actress also shared the secret of her flawless beauty. She recommended people to keep themselves hydrated as much as possible. Exercises are good as it stimulates endorphins, hormones that bring on the happy mood.

She also said one should do everything in moderation. Perhaps taking out time for oneself is the best treat anyone could himself or herself. “One should do everything in moderation and take out time for yourself each day. And yes, invest in an Aloe Vera plant for the best face mask in the world!”

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The actress has also earlier hosted a Youtube program” Super Hot Sunny Mornings” as a core trainer. In her videos, she gives demonstrations and guidance of various fitness exercises.

The actress who recently featured along with Shahrukh Khan in a song for “Raees” is busy these days in the shooting for her upcoming film.

The actress will be seen against Arbaaz Khan in the lead roles of “Tera Intezar”.

The movie is an action thriller with sizzling chemistry between Khan and Leone expected to be released late in November.