Technology Trends Augmented by Casinos in 2021

Like the vicissitude from an agrarian to industrial society – evolution witnessed in the gambling industry succored by technology was phenomenal. The fantasy of mobile gaming has now shaped our reality.

Concurrently, we bear testimony to a mélange of industries being flogged to death. This quandary mangles the gambling industry.

However, we behold a twirl of destiny, with Lady Luck vouchsafing all her good fortune to the online gambling industry. Eyeballing reformation from a balanced business to a giant leap in the online casino industry.


Virtual Reality

A celebration to the world of online casinos, spearheaded by company giants like Oculus Rift and Vive. Want to satiate in that enthralling experience? The magic bullet is a VR headset.

A VR headset can teleport you to your favourite Las Vegas casino without ever abandoning the comfort of your abode. You can take a stroll on the gaming floor, visit the bar, and even be accompanied for a smoke.

Once you embark on the journey, you have the unique opportunity of a rendezvous with other exciting players. Parallel to the revelry with your gang at your favourite land-based casino.

As VR transcends into an inevitable facet in our lifestyle, you will have the leverage to spot your opponent’s bluff. A masterpiece of an innovative technology contributed by the amalgamation of VR and their edgy body language.

Artificial Intelligence

The collection of exhaustive data about you as a player contributes to the mesmerizing element of Artificial Intelligence. These include your favourite game, the regularity in your indulgence, and so on.

Now, AI, used on sites like, analyses this data to grant you recommendations customized to your preference. It also bestows on you the luxury of bonuses after scrutinizing your play history.

The aspect of software function provides speech recognition as a primary element of AI. The coalescence of AI and IoT in furnishing strategies to sharpen your game plan is a stimulating factor.

Celestial user experience is endowed with presenting information on when to discontinue the game. The presentation of proper guidance is employed to minimize your losses.


This platform’s anonymity tempts gamblers to select bitcoin casinos over an assortment – a rarefied privilege. You can transcend into a supernatural casino high-roller and revel in that anonymity – that’s how you roll!

The rave fashioned by bitcoin casinos – upshot of twist in the traditional game ushered by the authorities’ curtailed control. A far-fetched fantasy for a brick-and-mortar casino.

The circadian bitcoin transactions were enhanced five-fold with the launch of bitcoin casino site in 2012.

This is just one of the multifarious contributors to the industry. The soaring growth rate since 2012 bears testimony to the promising future that awaits the industry.

Cashless Transaction

Bitcoin casinos shower on you the exuberance of zero transaction fees and unlimited free daily transactions. This can be juxtaposed to the traditional casinos, which requires you to uphold the regulations formulated by them.

A myriad of players always rounds the clock is a luring element. This experience is further made prodigious by the global access ushered by the bitcoin casinos online digital nature.


Facial Recognition

The snowballing of the Internet has facilitated the corollary of spiralling cybercrimes. The nostrum for this predicament of cybercrimes was unfurled in the concept of facial recognition.

Numerous websites have mandated a facial recognition test for authorizing a transaction. This ensures players that access to their account is safeguarded.

Brick-and-mortar casinos also employ this technique. The gaming floor is embellished with expensive cameras which has the competence to identify people from far away. Therefore, if you are in for some mischief, you are destined to be seized red-handed.


Despite the Internet’s paramount nature, there exist scepticism when attempting online transactions. This dubious trait is a consequence of credit card information being mishandled for some.

However, these lurking doubts have been thwarted by numerous online casinos with the employment of encryption technology. This technology impedes hackers from breaking into systems and accessing personal information.

This state-of-the-art encryption technology requires a key for each transaction, and most casinos utilize 128-bit or 256-bit technology.

The implementation of MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) is a novel venture to rigidify security. This technique utilizes the swiftest and shortest route to convey information.

Live Gaming

Not an avant-garde concept but one that is viewed to reach the zenith of its glory in the next year. This feature lets us indulge in a table game in front of a live dealer. Fundamentally, it escorts casino to our abode!

The working of this concept involves cameras and microphones in a casino game room, followed by broadcasting the footage. Live-streaming endows the extravagance of everything materializing in real-time. While you revel in this splendid experience, your dealer might be poles apart.


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