The Use Of Random Number Generator In Online Roulette


Proper security is one of the most critical matters in land-based casinos, not only for the sake of the customers but also to protect the house interests. Routine equipment checks, constant monitoring, and frequent staff rotation are an essential part of day-to-day operations. 

Naturally, online casinos also take special care of safety and fairness. In roulette and other games, a vital part of the process is the Random Number Generator.

A fair game

Most online casinos don’t rely on physical card decks and roulette wheels, except for the live feature when a real dealer spins the wheel via a webcam. Hosting a live game online presents some technical challenges, now also experienced by educators. Therefore, a particular software is used to mimic the real-life random generation of numbers. 

It is simply a program designed to generate random sequences. RNGs are commonly used in various industries, most regularly by online casinos in numerous card games and games of chance. They are supposed to run continuously, even when no one is playing, and they are tested for evidence of randomness. 

RNG software is vetted and approved by third-party companies to avoid being compromised. Online casinos frequently test them and update the proper certification. The tests will most likely involve hundreds of millions of numbers tested regularly to ensure a fair statistical sample. Players should be able to see the certification at some point somewhere on the website. They can always contact the casino directly to make sure everything is up to date.

How random is it?

In roulette, the generation software is based on computational algorithms that produce long sequences of apparently random results. Those are determined by a shorter initial value known as a seed or key value. 

Considering that, the software does not produce a truly random sequence of numbers, as it would be technically impossible. However, the sequence is created in such an intricate pattern that nobody can predict what number comes next. It is close to pure randomness and, as a result, as closest as it can get to the real thing. 

Can you beat it?

The usage of RNG does not offer any additional advantage in roulette. When it comes to potential winnings, the game represents a significant house edge. But it isn’t all bad news to the players, as due to lower overheads, the cost is lower. Online casinos can afford to present some exciting deals to their customers in the form of bonuses and special temporary odds. Therefore, it is crucial to use such opportunities and follow the basics of roulette strategy, manage your spending, and choose the right bets. 

It is unlikely to beat online roulette RNG software, as it is no more predictable than the real spinning wheel. There have been attempts to create roulette playing bots that were supposed to build vast amounts of databases of the potentially winning numbers. Because the RNGs rely on both algorithm and seed value, those attempts have proven to be fruitless. Now now that you’re quite aware of how RNGs work, perhaps you could check them in action.

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