TikToker chained, thrashed for making video on opponents in Multan

Videos of a TikToker chained and being beaten by a rival gang are circulating on social media. The wide circulation of the video has caught the attention of the Police, and the culprits involved have been arrested.

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A Pakistani TikToker was beaten, chained by opponents for making a video on them in Multan.  The scenes circulating on social media show a group of influential people have chained the TikToker by the neck and tortured him for sharing videos against them on social media.

The TikToker is seen sitting on the floor with a steel chain around his neck while a group of men is forcing him to apologize for making a video on them.

He is also asked to touch the feet of one of the men and ask for an apology. The helpless victim acted upon the orders of the men.


Netizens are urging authorities to take action against the culprits and help the victim. Later, Azhar Mashwani, the Focal Person to Chief Minister Punjab, said that the leader of the gang has been arrested by the police. Furthermore, Punjab Police revealed that both the victim and culprits belonged to the same group but they engaged in a fight on TikTok.

Authorities in Pakistan taking charge

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, there has been an increasing trend of authorities coming into action. A recent example being the case of a couple sexually assaulted by a criminal gang in Islamabad.

The videos of the couple being thrashed and stripped had been leaked after which they were heavily circulated on social media triggering it into a massive Twitter trend. This triggered the Islamabad Capital Police to come into action and arrest the culprits. Upon their arrests, the Police found similar videos of the culprits harassing other women.

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The notorious gang only came to notice reportedly six months after the incident happened. Despite, social media becoming a powerful tool, there has been an exponential rise in various crimes, particularly sex crimes.

Recently, a video of JUI-F leader and administrator Mufti Aziz-Ur-Rehman circulated all over social media where he could be seen sexually abusing a madrasa student. The heinous act took place on the 15th of June at the Jamia Manzoor Islamia madrassa.

In the video being circulated, the face of the victim can be seen, which is why the circulation of the video was being inhibited to keep his anonymity.

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The institute itself has released a notice against Mufti Azizur Rehman. According to the notice written by Maulana Asadullah Farooq, the video of the act was shown to the administrator at 12 am-midnight. The video was also shown to the son of the culprit Iltaf-ur-Rehman, who was later told to give his father the message of leaving the institution.

A case was registered and he was arrested only after the videos of him circulated on social media.

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